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Too many is two more then you have, that way you can buy one more and still be ok.
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Look at it this way, There is no such thing as to many real steel guns, and paintball markers are similar to real guns but not really,so there is no such thing as to many markers.
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i tried to think of 10 as too many but then around 18 I decided 20. I am around the mid 30s now, so that must mean 40! there must be some sort of mathematical equation for this
I liked tugboaters rule as well.
I think a more important question that we all need to figure out is how do we grow more arms so we can shoot more of these at the same time.
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Originally Posted by super_stanchy View Post
i just tried that one.... i won.... i had more guns then she did shoes

she tells her friend.... they add both their totals and have me beat by 5.... hahaha

and my guns are worth more than their shoes
LOL to be fair my markers/gear is worth 2x the amount the GF paid for her vehicle.. shoes.. gosh Idk. I know for a fact that her shoes take up 2x the amount of space my paintball stuff does so I counter-argue that.

Originally Posted by ta2maki View Post
So 400 is too much for her?
All my markers are in Gun cases already so it takes 3 trips to the truck to get everything in. All my soft gear/tanks goes in a dufflebag about 3/4 my height but I have 3 different load outs just for rec-play.


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Originally Posted by super_stanchy View Post
i just tried that one.... i won.... i had more guns then she did shoes

she tells her friend.... they add both their totals and have me beat by 5.... hahaha

and my guns are worth more than their shoes
Hence why I said "usually." I guess I should reword that more towards people with a bit more self control..
Originally Posted by Floundah View Post
Now that's something worth fundraising for, an MCB zombie defense fort. With indoor fields. And blackjack. And hookers.
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Originally Posted by Skipdogg View Post
One primary, a second as backup or 'just in case'. More than that is collecting.
You can only use one at a time. Its like a car. You can only drive one... having more than two is collecting as well.
Eh, I have a vsc Phantom, a Sheridan that will be modified or open, an Automag just because I wanted one long ago, a 98 that was my first gun (RT'd), a 68 Carbine that was a random find and nice back-up, and a Mini for electro. Any of these may be down at a given point, or otherwise not ready for play.

Okay, so I admit that I'm type collecting. However I could justify more than three just for different styles.

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Too many is how many you think is too many. For some of you that number is clearly low....3, 5, 10 whatever. For others of us, we have yet to see that number. I thought I had too many when I had 11. I now have many many times that. I don't dread finding markers I forgot I owned. I think of it like Christmas. Surprise!

There's clearly no set answer.

Also....from the wife paintball purchasing has never been funded by our pay checks. I buy and sell gear to buy what gear I want. OR I use money from doing private music lessons (which isn't family money) to go play. My wife hasn't ever said a thing about how many markers I have. She thinks it's too many, but it's my hobby and I haven't impacted the family budget in any way.

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If you’ve got the chedda, you can have whatever you want in whatever quantity you want it in.

The best thing about unsustainable situations is that they are unsustainable.

So if you’re overextending yourself, you can look forward to being corrected.


An excessive amount of your personal worth is sunk into paintball guns.


[Insert life event here], so you are forced to part ways with some of your guns.

Common life events:
* Your car breaks down
* You get robbed
* You or your family encounters a health issue
* You lose your job
* You have a “domestic” issue
* You suffer a random act from a fickle and pernicious deity of your choosing

So don’t worry! The situation will resolve itself!
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Originally Posted by Nobody View Post
you have too many when you honestly start looking at a larger vehicle or a trailer to haul your equipment to the field on a day of play.
Been there, done that.
Once the number of markers hit 3 digits, storage in the house became unmanageable.
And not just the markers, it was all the other stuff that needed a place to hang. Masks, air tanks, hoppers, all the accessories.

A trailer was the best solution. Just put it all in one place, then I want to go play, just hook up the trailer & go.
All my stuff is right there, ready to play.

Is 100+ markers and needing a 6'X12' box trailer to haul them all too much?

I'd call it a good start...
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oh yeah for got this one.

you have too many guns when you buy out store/factory repair shop because you need the parts for yourself and selling extras will help pay for your investment.

i am now the largest parts supplier of ICD electros in the Western Hemisphere.
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