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Location: West Virgina

Brass and Wood Fan
40 to 50 are toted up ready to move down here with me. a few cockers, mags and palmered brass stays in the gearbag with me
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4 elecros in one gear bag, 3 pumps in another gear bag. 38 others on a 8ft x 5ft metal grated wall display. And one in my car just incase i need to pistol whip someone j/k
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Brass and Wood Fan
5 or 6 in my bed room
1 getting fixed at a tech
1 in my garage
i think thats all of them
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Originally Posted by BigOldSkool View Post
So long as its under 18 and over 8 I dont care what it is really...
Originally Posted by ironchef97 View Post
Oh boy...I love wood!
Originally Posted by Mar View Post
well - just like my sex life, I have taken matters into my own hands:
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I am stuck on bandaid...
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mine are all sad and packed into plastic bins in the garage. they're sad and fat because they get little exercise
...'cause bandaid's stuck on me!
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Location: Kiwiland again

Boxed up in my parents garage in another country, because I'm not allowed them here (yet).
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Fan of EMR
Originally Posted by maggot
This is the type of thread that thieves dream about
I don't fear the pistol but I fear the dog that alerts the man that knows how to fire the pistol. LOL

Where do ya all live so I know where to get a "free" marker? LMAO

I keep mine in two or three locations accessible to me.
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Location: Amherst NH

Out of the approx 30 guns,
18 are in a glass china cabinet in the living room on display,
1 is in the bottom cabinet area of the china cabinet still in its original box
1 is with a friend on Staten Island for repairs.
The remaining are in or on a dresser I have in the spare bedroom that I bought specifically to store them in.
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Location: Northbridge [Whitinsville], MA

One [Pyre] is in my bag ready to go play,remainder in action packers stored in closet.

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Location: Colorado

Giant gear bag, holding 2 pumps, micromag, autococker in my closet. Living room/couch blazer, cocker, bushmaster deluxe, pgp, and a bunch of misc gear. Working on a project.
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Most on wall, couple in pieces on my workbench, two in pieces on my desk, one project in paintball cabinet in the garage and one out getting assembled/tech'd.

I agreed that if I got the office to myself that none of my painball gear would wander into other parts of the house besides the garage. I also have 2 sets of sticky fingers in the house and things tend to disappear when left unattended.

My question is, where does everyone store their tanks? I keep most of mine in my cabinet in the garage, but also keep some in my office inside the cabinets below my workbench. In our old house, I had a burst disk pop on a CO2 tank once and it about gave my dog that was sleeping close by a heart attack. Wife used to make me keep them all in the basement after that.

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