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For me? Pretty much.

I held on for a few years because I used 3.5 oz tanks on VSC guns. I have since switched over to various bottomlined setups so I just use my HPA tank(s) on my pumps now. And if I were to ever switch back to VSC, I would probably use an 8/3000 tank.

Back home it was always easier to get an HPA tank filled but CO2 was still an option; here in Vancouver it is basically impossible to get a CO2 fill. I will continue to use 12 grams for stock class, but I am liking the consistency and ease of using HPA too much to go back. Not to mention that it works on all my guns with no fiddling about.
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Originally Posted by T-T View Post
Ignoring some rental sites, it's practically impossible to get a co2 fill in the UK. In fact, I haven't been to a big game in 2 years that's supplied co2.
last year at north v south they filled CO2 but that was mainly for the rental gunner's
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well - just like my sex life, I have taken matters into my own hands:
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the Ninja 13/3000 tank worked fantastic on my phantom, but had to top off a few times during the day. i also played a few games with a PMI-II, but only had 3 12-grams for it

I also discovered that my AA Melee is due for re-hydro (its last one ever) and blew a burst disk. Weighing the options now:
re-hydro and replace the burst dis
re-hydro and buy a new reg (since the Melee has not been a picture of reliability or consistency; leaning toward Ninja re, but open to suggestions)
scrap the tanks and buy something new of a suitable size/capacity for a Blazer (maybe the 90/3000 aluminum Ninja, for the few times a year I can't easily use CO2, I'd rather not pony up big bucks for another carbon fiber rig)
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Get an air tank, one of these and be happy forever after:
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Originally Posted by Schmitti View Post
Good points on the bulk CO2 tank.

Down where wycke lives (and where I used to live) most if not all SCUBA places are the only ones that will fill a SCUBA tank.... and only if you are a certified diver. The dive shops (I can think of only two in the area) didn't want some yahoo coming and getting tanks filled "for paintball" and then going diving in the local quarries or rivers and killing themselves. It was a big liability issue. And the bulk places wouldn't deal with it because they didn't want to put air in the tanks that might have had gunk in it and have you decide to use the tank for an air (because you couldn't get it filled at the dive shop and really wanted to go dive that quarry) or sell it to someone who did.

Maybe I got lucky but I bought a scuba tank this summer in that area probably from one of those scuba shops. I had the discussion with the shop owner about that very situation of problems of getting the tank filled without being scuba certified. He told me it wouldn't be a problem, I haven't had to refill yet so we'll see

The welding shop also does a simular tank swap but you own the tank. When you need a refill they just give you a new tank. It was pretty cheap if I remember right.



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People still use CO2?!? I cannot remember the last time I had a CO2 tank filled quite frankly. 5 years ago maybe? The shop I go to still fills them but the fill station has a dust on it since most of the guys who come in own HPA tanks.

All I know is all my CO2 tanks are out of date. It will cost about 15 bucks a tank to hydro. That's going to be about 80 bucks for all the tanks I have. At this point, it's easier to unscrew the valves and the tanks for scrap. Get about 2 bucks a tank and a few bucks for the brass. Plus I got some other Aluminum scrap laying around so make a few more bucks. Heck I have a 2 condemned SCUBA AL80s in my basement. Speaking of hydro testing. Many of those tanks from the late 90s are now no longer testable. They should be at EOL and will be condemned for use.
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Originally Posted by TinyBear View Post
If ya feilds offer easy access to HPA and you play mostly at feilds (not outlaw balling) and your shooting markers that run fine on HPA (not old brass or tippys that REQUIRE Co2) i see no reasone why one would want to shoot Co2 over HPA. A 13ci3000psi tank is cheap and PERFECT for pump offers acceptable shot count especially for pumps and is no heavier or bigger than a 9 or 12oz Co2 tank.
I can run my Phantom on HPA no problem, just swap out a spring.

However, my 3.5 oz will get me around 300 shots. A 13/3000, a bigger tank, will only yield me about half of that. The weather in Ohio rarely changes that drastically in a day to where I need to rechrono (maybe 10 degrees from beginning of play til the end). I'll stick to Co2 as long as I possibly can as long as funsi00 keeps getting bulk tanks

Co2 may significantly decrease in popularity, but it will never die out. 12ies will always be around, and until certain industries find a replacement for Co2, you should almost always be able to get it in bulk.
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What you might see go out of production are paintball-sized aluminum tanks, but even that I don't see as imminent.

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