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Every time I get an electro...

I've had this strange phenomenon happen twice now. I think to myself "I would like to have an electro for the occasional tourney practice/beginner or rookie tourneys at my local field." So, I hunt one down and buy it/trade for it. Then shortly after I get it, I say to myself "Why did I get this again?"

Having one just always seems like overkill to me. Not to mention all the headaches that come with electronics. Almost like unnecessary (which is the key word here, I think) power in my hands, and the capability to use lots of paint in a day, as opposed to my pump which hardly uses any by comparison. The first time I bought an Etha and never even used it on the field before I sold it. Now I have a very nice PMR, but I just don't see it as necessary, no matter the venue/playing style (tourneys or rec). The PMR also has yet to see the field.

Anybody feel the same?
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I just can't afford to shoot that much paint
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Just because you have an electro doesn't mean you have to burn through an insane amount of paint. Maybe just set the ROF really low at 5-7 bps or something and pick your shots.

I don't think I've ever had any electronics headaches like a fried board or dead battery ever that I can think of. I do recall having to replace the eyes once or twice on markers after TONS of use.

The electronics can even make things simpler. Like timing an ebladed Autococker vs Mech. For 95% of people they can just set it to "Factory Fast" and be perfectly happy.

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I often find myself playing 7 vs 20 during the summer with a hopper.

Just because you have an electro doesn't mean that you have to sling paint as fast as your gun can cycle.
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That's why I keep my AKA excal... it weighs 15lbs loaded and Somehow I usually shoot about the same amount of paint with it as my S6.5. It is nice to occasionally burn up some old paint at the end of the day by doing dumb things like "run and gun" and "sit at the back bunker taunting everyone while you lob a string of paint in a huge arc across the field"

Maybe you should just buy a Mech semi if you don't already have one?
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Electros are a lot of fun, I need to use them more. My main reason for not using them has always been paint usage, size, and complexity (more just buying batteries). If I'm trying to save paint I'd almost always rather just use a smaller pump or mech. Although I've been feeling the urge to play some hopper ball lately so that might change.
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The never resulted in me shooting more, you can limit that with your hopper choice if you want. For me it's all about the eyes, I don't think I'd ever go without. Incidentally when we first got semis I actually found myself shooting less paint. Laying cover with an auto triggering Phantom was far more wasteful than the steady stream my PMI-3 put out.
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I don't mind the low-end sear-tripper type electros that much. A E-Spyder is a lot of fun to mess around with on occasion, while still avoiding all the problems that come with having to screw around with settings. It's just a fooling with dwell and stuff like that.
You get into the fully pneumatic ones, though, and I'm lost (and they always break down on me).
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I do the same exact thing. I just cant point an electro the way i can with my ccm.
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I find that when I use an electronic marker I have a habit of relying on the firepower it provides rather than my own skill. Instead of moving to a better position I'll just lace into the bunker, eventually something will get through. These days I'll stick to one of my mech cockers, I play better and am certainly more leathal. However I do keep a mean fast light evil elctro setup in my bag. Sometimes idiots have no trigger control and light up new players and young kids. Thats when I bust out the "substitute teacher." Call on her services when someone needs to be schooled for the day.
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