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Here I just made a video of the DXS frostbites as I dropped them from chest height on my basement cement floor.
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Originally Posted by wingbatwu View Post
It's crappy paint, but it's pretty much the only choice you have if you don't want paint breakage in your marker in freezing temperatures.

The shell is very thick, each ball is not always filled 100%. I don't see any dimples in the leftovers I have, but it's also not very spherical a lot of times.

And it hurts more than regular paint OR first strikes.

Before buying a case, try to get a smaller sample.
Man, there's always a catch! LOL... thanks for the info and for the vid!
Originally Posted by DSA View Post
I thought I smelled Similac on your breath at D-Day Captain Short

My Feedback:
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Yeah, i used some of DXS's winter paint a couple weeks ago, i could throw it at the wall and it would not break. But for me the bore was something like 79 on the small and it was rather warbly, didn't fly straight at all and when i got a bad lay in the chamber it just popped in the barrel. (which almost corrected some of the curvage i was getting)
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must be the areas since the grafitti i use, i normally shoot a .683 which isn't too tight since when i get bored in the staging area i like to blow dart people with my barrel and paint.

I don't always play pump, but when I do, I prefer a rotor.....stay agg my friends.
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I was just about to comment on the DXS hellfire with winter fill. The stuff I used had that thick shell, and bright yellow/green fill.

Worked pretty well in my Tippmann Crossover squeezing it thru a .685 CP one piece. Still got some breaks tho. From what I can remember other people were getting just as many breaks, and most of them were sizing the paint with a paint to bore match.

This was just outside of St. Louis if anyone was wondering.
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I was playing at the local Karnage field and the high quality (rip) was doing .689-.687 and only one out of the 400 or so i tested was below .683

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