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First of all, it's fun. Second, it's a physical activity (important as I have a desk job). Third, it's a social activity that has helped me get to know some of my coworkers a bit better. Fourth, it's a good stress reliever. Fifth, I'm a gear head, so that side of things interests me as well.

I could go on...
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My best friend who got me into Paintball back in 1996 was killed in freak plane crash in 2007. I continue to play to keep his memory alive. It was the one thing me and him enjoyed, so I feel like if i quit that memory would be gone. I wear his football number on my Paintball jersey in his memory.
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Ahh... My friends and I got into it as a way to step up our back-yard nerf games. Started in the woods with a 20oz CO2 and a hopper of paint.. My friends have faded out of the game, but I still enjoy it. Ive improved my gear and my game. I never wanted to turn it into a job, so my skills are right where I want them to enjoy the game.
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Location: Oregon City, OR

Started playing with friends when I was in middle school

Loved all the modding

Loved bein allowed to shoot somebody

Got my little brothers involved, now its a family thing

SSC started on a whim and now it pays for me to travel, to play and mod to the next level!

I own 30ish markers
I own my own airball practice field
I owned my own party bus (rip ROBOBEE)
I play 50 days a year, I love it
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Paintball Ballistician :P
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Started in middle school with friend games of lasertag, entertech squirt guns, custom rubberband guns, finally, paintball.

Two major reasons:
The thrill of the hunt- I like stalking and ambushing folks.
I like customizing my gear.
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Ahhh, yes. I love customizing everything. Dressing up however serious or playful I want, tweaking every aspect of my gun and gear... It's nice.

@Steve_81, real sorry to hear but I think it's a great way to remember your bud!

I started paintball because of my friend, he was super into it and never had anyone to go with... now I'm more excited about paintball than he is!

I believe my cousin may start playing as well, maybe my little brother. It's a great game with friends and family. I've met a lot of cool people on here and at the fields too.
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Location: up north...

I play because Im a thrill seeker, theres not much like running someone down, or that moment when you gog someone in a snap battle.

I also play because its something I can do with my friends, and its a good group activity.
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Fan of EMR
The fun, the people, beer drinking after a day of play, and its a nice break from the daily crap reality makes you put up with.
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For fun... I stop playing when I stop having fun. I have been known to walk out of expensive scenarios, because the fun wasn't there.

I have a gearhead streak, and it helps pay for my playing.

Plus I have a bunch of friends that play, and the comraderie is great.

Oh, and I use paintball as a substitute for real physical workout. Of course it must be working... I lost 85 pounds a few years ago, and kept all but 10 of it off. Now to lose the remaining 100, and I will be the same weight I was back in high school


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My dream was to play pro hockey;
but I skated like I had cinder blocks on my feet.

I tried baseball;
I couldn't hit well, nothing more than a "double".

I tried football;
I sucked at that too.

But, that day in 1982 when I took a rented NelSpot and two tubes of blue oil-based Nelson into the woods in New Hampshire and shot out my hunting buddy Joe, his brother John, two complete strangers and then captured a flag and ran it home for the win, I knew what I was destined to do. The sky opened up, a beam of sunlight shone down on that NelSpot in my hand and a loud booming voice said "son, THIS is what YOU were meant to do".
Fearlessly, the idiot faced the crowd, smiling...
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