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An hour or so north, Liberty is the only field you'll find. The LI fields that take a good 3hrs to get too have been dying. Cousins the best of the group will soon close thanks to the local Govt in LI. Our sport lacks the following to convince Govt people not to close fields. To extend leases and offer licenses to run fields in our national forests (something most skiers/boarders know alot about because most ski mountains are on Govt land in the NE).

And I don't mean huge fields in NYC, I mean indoor. There should be tons of places to play paintball in Brooklyn. It's just perfect for it honestly, tons of cheap empty buildings (warehouses) that could be turned into airball fields with a small staging area/proshop. Tons of kids/college students who would love to play. And a community that would happily root for a pro team from Brooklyn. BK is a very tight nit community, and it would be a major sign of growth if PB fields started popping up there.

I have places to play, but really only 1 solid field in 1.5 hours drive. And for the NYC area, lets be honest thats lame.

San Fran has one of the better PB communities from what I hear. I've never played Cali but have played a bit in Vancouver and find they have an AWESOME paintball community, only wish more like it existed on this side of the border.

Even in burlington Vt, where I have my other apartment and go to college for most of the year, there is only one field. Its a city of 100k College kids in the middle of nowhere, meaning tons of cheap land. The one field is awful, no HPA fills even. The Norwich cadets play religiously and still no one else has tried to open a field or improve the existing facilities (no running water/indoor staging/proshop.)

Once I finish my PsyD and work for a few years, I'm planning on opening a field in Brooklyn for sure. It's always been a dream of mine. I'd find a few interested friends and fund the money. I'd keep seeing patients of course and my friends would run day-to-day operations but id run the business. It would just be nice to have a community to cater too when I open it, so that it doesn't close like most I see.

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living hear I'm pretty content with the state of paintball on the West Coast. Some cool fields, and people are into it. Lots of renters but also a lot of dedicated players too. A lot of the fields are owned by dudes who have been in paintball for a really long time. I like that.

Since I don't have a car and don't drive, maybe that's my main issue with SF's paintball scene...the fields are too far haha.

But I know that central or southern california are just riddled with fields. That's a cool thing. Canada and northern border states seem to be a huge scene for paintball too. I'm kinda surprised it's not as huge as it could be around NY.
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Renters are key, thats the prob with every field aside from Liberty here, no one goes just to have fun. Which means its a bunch of older guys playing rec ball with their Ego11s trying to pretend they made it to the pros at some point, and trying to WIN. each weekend is a chance to pretend they paintball for a living, and the lack of renters means their mindset wins out. They sling cases and cases, because this is their day to play and that Ego spends 3.8/4 weeks on the wall. None of the fields have a tourney scene (aside from PB Madness, which I think moved, but to be clear the PB Madness crew is a good group, and I'm not talking **** about them lol.)

Liberty has the refs, who play tourneys together as a team. Great guys. A solid core group of players, and while most sling endless paint during rec ball too, the bigger woodsball fields lowers the impact of 10-20 guys with much faster markers. Instead of a tiny airball field with paint EVERYWHERE because there are two ten man teams of people trying to "shoot lanes" on the whole field. Liberty has like easily 100 renters on the weekends. This makes it awesome. A few guys to trade real firefights with, and rental players to have fun shooting against/teaching. They have bad semis, I have a pump, its fun.

Yea, the NYC scene has massive room for growth. and its one of the spots that would benefit a lot from a more organized, better regulated, "pro-paintball" league. One that included all different divisions for different styles (pump,stock,semi, MAYBE ramping SEPARATE from semi) would be sick and helpful in major cities.
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Originally Posted by Hawkeye20 View Post

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The reason you don't see many fields in the NYC burroughs is because of strict laws an expensive real estate. This is the fifth post I've seen about a "new league" in a month.. I really dont know what to tell you man.. the PSP *is* the definitive professional paintball league. NPPL died... rose again, and continues to die.

International leages mean more travel costs.. we already play a "luxury sport" with no help from sponsors for most all teams in terms of travel. I dont see an international league actually working... On the flipside the PSP world cup had Russians/South Americans/Canadians/etc etc... people come to play the PSP.

Setting up another league is just another way to lose money.. most paintball companies are likely close to going under. I know this from talking to many people involved in the sport. Adding extra events, more leagues, and more sponsorship costs don't help that.

I'm sorry but NY is the worst example because of the laws when it comes to having paintball fields in close proximity.
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There's no paintball in NYC because you need a decent amount of space for a field and the real estate there is crazy expensive. Even here in the suburbs of Massachusetts most fields are on property that has been held for decades. You don't buy several acres of land here with the intent of putting up a field. The returns would be unlikely to pay the taxes, let alone the lease or mortgage (to say nothing of payine employees and maintaining and improving the property. Paintball suffers because you need cheap land and a decent population to support it and those two things rarely come together.
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Paintball's problem, just like anything else cool, is that once the mainstream finds it the whole thing gets devalued to the lowest common denominator.


We talk about playing pump because it's cheap, but it isn't. The used guns we sell for $80-200 bucks, when they were brand new, went for double? ...triple the price? ...and in 1980's dollars!! Automags--just the regular AIR valve--weren't they like $500-600? And paint, I hear, has really come down in price as far as cost per ball, partly because players consume so much in volume. I've heard nothing about field fees in the early days, but I bet that when you went to a National Survival Games field in 1985 it cost more than $10-15 to register.

But, MCB, I'm sorry to say that you are NOT contributing to the bottom lines of the corporations who make your guns, gear, and paint possible. Not nearly as much as Andrew Agglet. Companies didn't make **** when Mark McBaine bought his used Sheridan on the BST, but Andrew buys the new Ego every year. Mark might spring for a high end pump, but that doesn't help his local field. Andrew slings paint at PSP ramping speeds, and did I mention he's always on the trigger? His field loves him because he measures his weekend paint consumption in cases. Mark only bought one bag of five hundred, and still had enough left over for next Saturday, and by the way, he didn't even pay for air since he brought 12ies with him.

So tell me, who will the industry cater to? Mark McBaine, or Andrew Agglet?

The industry, especially the fields, isn't going to jump through hoops so we can play the fond, slower ROF games that we prefer. That's up to us as players to find each other, play the game the way we like it, invite others and corrupt them to our dark ways, enjoy the fringe benefits like lots of used gear and the lower paint prices that the mainstream sport generates, and just do our thing.

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Without reading the entire novel posted in #1. Ill simply say this..

The sport feels the same it has to me for the past 10 years, except for the technology improvements, of course. That being said, I think each individual field needs to handle the way they operate appropriately. This means not putting newer people on teams with tournament participants, and the opposite, for sure.
Newer players may find themselves against a guy in a DYE Jersey with a 700$ marker too intimidating, and that can really ruin a day at the paintball field and help pass judgement on the sport.

The players also play a role in this. I see a lot of guys (generally the late teenagers) take the sport way too seriously for an open play day. That's a huge turn off, even for me, who has been playing for years. A ref a few weeks ago had two 10- year olds (field minimum) and I was walking by with a guy. Both of our guns were 10+ years old, we were just playing for some recreation. We asked to join and each took one of the kids. The ref made it very clear that if you hit one of the kids, let them walk off and don't start lighting them up. I can't speak for the other guy, but I talked to the kid on my team and asked what he wanted to do, I let him make the move, etc etc.. It wasn't any big deal, but I have to imagine that it made it a more enjoyable first experience for him. Although, we did lose... Bummer!

My point is, just make sure you keep the sport enticing for the youngsters and the sport will continue to grow... Make it too intimidating and obviously they won't come back.
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Frankly, that's what I'm trying to avoid. Even in everyday life, I'm not going out of my way to feed the system and the economy. I don't splurge on nikes and fancy name brand commodities, I'm not going out finding the biggest brightest 4-D TV with special mind-powered remote controls, I'm not saving up to buy a mercedes...

and when it comes to paintball, I'm not gunna spend 1,000 bucks on an ego, hundreds on little plastic balls of water-based paint, hundreds on pants that are no different than the previous year's except for the zippers on the pockets.

I'm impressed by stuff like MCB. I'm impressed by the little bubbles of true stock class players. I'm impressed by outlaw fields like FreeEnterprise's Trails of Doom... that stuffs sweet. That's paintball the way it should be yknow. I like the smaller fields because they're faster paced, more eliminations, more games, more firefights. But that's the "arena" feel. That's what is most accessible to your general person looking to get into a sport.

I think that arena feel just snowballed, paintball got super competitive and sportsy. Paintball at it's most mainstream level is no different than any other sport. But that's the downside! I play paintball like I play other sports and games to HAVE FUN and get outside and do something. I don't play to get on a pro team and make money and get sponsored. I don't play to see what company is mass producing the most crap. The companies driving paintball are pushing to advertise it like it should be on espn, like there should be giant paintball coliseums and they should be sold out and fans should be shelling out their money for their favorite teams merchandise.

To some people that might be awesome, but that's not my thing. I don't have a problem with not supporting that.
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Originally Posted by RusskiX View Post
99BPS, welcome to MCB and good luck with your sale.

Paintball is alive and well...and growing here - last year we had pump night once an month at the Indoor, now it's every Tuesday, we are holding pump tournaments that draw from up to 300KM away...we're good.

The other aspects of paintball are also thriving...
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