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We have ours too ya know

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Canadian Carnage was pretty wild this year. Wasaga beach's annual big game and player appreciation days usually draw a really big crowd. Flagswipes day of the dead was pretty big this year too (and it wasn't too windy for the helicopter this year)
I was personally at 3 of the 4 events mentioned, and they all had fantastic attendance numbers. And all of these are in Ontario.
Also, its pretty funny how you called provinces providences mike.
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Originally Posted by Falcon16 View Post
Flagraiders is amazing. Heck Patar if you ever come up to Southern Ontario you should try and make it out for Canadian Carnage at Adrenaline. Viper says he wants to make it Canada's LL we had I think 750-800 players last year in attedance and this summer Viper is aiming to break 1000 at least that's what he told me when I talked to him on facebook
I was talking to viper about the next CC, he said that not even the venue and date has been confirmed yet. However CPX on the other hand is about to release full details on LL6.

I would love to play CC since its by far way cheaper for us western Canadians than you lucky southern Ontario people
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Wouldn't surprise me if it was true. It is a sport played by more rural populations simply due to the area required to play. The US has far more exceptionally large cities, which puts paintball fields out of easy access to most of their residents. (Consider how much ground you can cover in an hour driving out of 'city' with 30k people vs Toronto or New York. Then consider how far you have to go before you get to a location open enough to easily set up a paintball field with land prices low enough to afford it. My office in Charlottetown is a 10 minute Walk from a plot of active farm land.)

Any Canadian know of a town with more than 1000 people that doesn't have some kind of rental field within at least an hours drive? I'm hard pressed to think of a town that doesn't have something going on within at least 30 minutes for the most part in Atlantic Canada. Our fields may not be large. They may not be all that great or even exceptionally well priced, but we have a hell of a lot of them scattered across the country.

Also consider the issue of word of mouth. Smaller local populations that get access to paintball are more likely to know someone who has played it, and therefore be encouraged to try. Also have the interesting trend that if you play on a youth hockey team then you're going to play at least one game of paint ball the following summer. I can't remember a weekend that I've been out at one of the local fields where we didn't have at least one hockey team playing.
Originally Posted by Lrrpie-CT View Post
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Originally Posted by super_stanchy View Post
decay of nations?
living legends?
world cup?

i cant name a single canadian big game with over 600 people...
Wasaga's Summer big game draws 2000 players every year. They also pull around 500 for their winter big game, and 1000 for Player Appreciation Day. Wasaga is probably the only field in Ontario that can handle that sort of pull. It's been my home field for a very long time.

Canadian Carnage pulled a huge crowd as well.

Originally Posted by Patar View Post
Oh, bud believe me....

When my friend first offered to take me to paintball before I ever got into it, I was watching a lot of videos. Spent like a day just oogling at Flagraiders videos. It really is like my dream field. One day! One day
Both Flag Raiders and Adrenaline in London are a DREAM to play at. I played there exclusively while I went to school in London. If you're ever in Southern Ontario, you're gonna want to check out both of those fields, Wasaga, and CQB in Toronto. Easily my top 4 fields in Ontario.
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I would also request common sense, but that's the most endangered species of all.

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I think one major difference between the two countries has had a significant impact on the two communities:


In the U.S., for many years MilSim-ish players were shunned away from rec-ball with comments like ("all those useless mods", "camo does no good", etc), and those folks ended up playing airsoft, at least for awhile. This doesn't even account for the folks that airsoft draws who simply want more realistic equipment.

In Canada, it's very hard to get good airsoft equipment, therefore a higher percentage of folks interested in MilSim-ish equipment, clothing, games, get into paintball and it's more accepted there as a result. Look at how magfed paintball is much more popular north of the border than it is down here.
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Originally Posted by Tom Kaye -in response to FS price critics
Unfortunately all of you have played the one "speedball" game of paintball for so long you can't conceive of other ways to do this and hence any new ideas seem stupid.

Originally Posted by Crimson Death View Post
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IFAIK about 3/4 of the Canadian population lives within 100 miles of the US/Can border. The notion that Canadians have lots of space is an illusion. I believe Canada has a lower percentage of rural inhabitants compared to the USA.

Canadians are more physically active than their American cousins which might account for higher per capita participation in sport and by participation I mean playing not watching from the armchair.

Personally I'm not a fan of big games, I'm probably not the only one. I don't think big game participation is a useful metric for gauging paintball participation, that would like using MMORPGs as an indicator for video game participation.
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Our Vancouver-area big games at TPG usually bring in around 300 players per event... and there are at least four of them a year (not sure exactly, I usually do 1-2 big games a year). The place honestly can't fit much more than 300 and they sell out all the tickets... otherwise it could easily be bigger than that.
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Originally Posted by ApoC_101 View Post
Our Vancouver-area big games at TPG usually bring in around 300 players per event... and there are at least four of them a year (not sure exactly, I usually do 1-2 big games a year). The place honestly can't fit much more than 300 and they sell out all the tickets... otherwise it could easily be bigger than that.
I wonder if the new place will be bigger then the last?
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wouldn't hurt if it was a bit bigger
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