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what's your most expensive "project"

I don't mean full gun bought in one piece. I mean the really expensive ones that sneak up on you in price 20-100 bucks at a time and add up to way more than you wanted to spend.

Currently mine is a new style Black magic Mq2. probably have close to 700 dollars after the 200 that I just spent 20 minutes ago. So that's 700 bucks and i'm still missing an asa and detent along with eyes and eye cover. So add another 30 or so for eye and cover on the cheap end, then 20 for a detent and another 50 for asa plus 200 or more for a nice anno job, i'm looking at 1k or so for the entire project. The money just added up over the past year and a half.

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1000 € for my karni
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For me, my most expensive project has been my Ion which I dumped $150 in for $400 worth of parts that I just happened to get my hands on for that cheap, all in good condition. I used it a total of 5 times though, and I miss it.
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I would think it is my xmag.

350 for a ptp micro to steal the emag lowers from
100 for the xmag body, vert & warp breeches
100 for the blue xvalve
60 for the charger
75 for a good battery
10 new emag sear cause the ptp one isnt the same.
35 Shipping to have it tuned cause I couldn't do it.
$735 and im sure im missing something. Probably truely closer to 750

Still havent used the gun
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does a custom build with a lot of prototyping count?
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I have a RDL that's still unpolished, assembled and incomplete that looks like it will be somewhere in the 1k range when it's all said and done. Luckily for me I'm in no rush to get it finished because I like the way it looks sitting on my shelf all naked and in the raw
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Everything that could be upgraded is, except the frame..Its still the marker that i would never sell..


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My ex wife was (and still is) a very expensive project. Does that count?
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No one is judge/jury/executioner here.
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I must have missed that memo

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Solex? What Karni?

I've got several projects that's gotten way more expensive than I'd thought initially..

- The MicroHerder
- My superstock-mini-halfblock project
- My board-programmer-project
- ECU/Chip reader/writer-project for car ECU's and fuel-systems

Things usually get to a point where you realize you either HAVE spent or will spend too much.. But at the same time You're so close to complete it, that you just can't quit it :/

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my phantom that I built from the ground up. After everything is said and done I've probably got $400 in it I literaly could have bought a brand new palmers build during the sale for what I have into this gun. Though with that said it's a light extremely efficient comfy gun that I'll own forever. Heck I've decided that if I were to "quit" pb I would keep it along with all my parts for it my 13/3K and a mask and gloves + my thigh rig just so if I got in the mood I could play. I just love the fact that that with a few simple changes I can go from SC to OC or my personal favorite for larger games or colder weather mod SC with an ASA reducer on the BBA and a 13/3K on the bottom of the grip off an ASA

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Pump paintball is cheaper than any drug habit I've ever heard of.
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