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99BPS 01-04-2013 05:15 PM

Tiller = LOL
So I accidentally bid on a Tiller barrel on Ebay. I won it for .99cents with 2.99 shipping brand new. Its an all black on piece in .689. For the price its perfect to leave on my marker, shoot crap paint/reballs with and things like that.

The barrel is NOT HONED at all internally which is quite funny. The barrel looks AMAZING to be honest. I'm glad I got it. It looks good on my Azodin Kaos Pump when its just sitting around. The box and case it comes in are worth 4$ to be honest. I put a nicer barrel into the case for storage and next time I need to ship a barrel I have THE PERFECT box lol.

I shot with it a bit, and thanks to it being so overbore had no breaks. The balls flew decent for the lack of a paint to bore match at all. Honestly its not as ****ty as I expected, but I don't imagine I'd ever play a game with it. The texture on the outside of the barrel is the same as the inside, even the Azodin stock barrels honing shames Tiller.

Any other funny tiller stories out there? Mines not super funny, but I was amused to check it out and be like "OHHHHH thats why its so cheap! No honing!" I gave them a neutral feedback that said they should tell people its display only and has not been honed for use haha.

DashHopes 01-04-2013 05:31 PM

At least you didn't break the bank lol.

99BPS 01-04-2013 05:52 PM

I bid thinking for 3 bucks it would be nice to have a overbore barrel for shooting old paint around the house. Not for games, just for when my paint goes bad and I wouldn't use it for real.

b-cuzz 01-06-2013 12:37 AM

When a couple of my friends (they're brothers) started playing, they both bought Spyder Pilots on my recommendation (they wanted wal-mart's best, and didn't know what to get). When one bought a barrel kit for his, he liked the 18" combination. His brother bought a 21" Tiller just because he wanted a longer one.

Before long, he was breaking nearly every ball in the barrel, but I think it was mostly because he never cleaned his stuff. He eventually traded the Spyder and $120 to his bro for a Mag. I was cleaning it up later on and discovered a 1" crack on the inside of the middle section. Dunno if it was causing the breaks or not, but the fact that he didn't know it was there says sumpin' 'bout his gear care habits.

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