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What do people use for video editing?

I just upgraded to a GoPro Hero 2 (HD helmetcam videos! Huzzah!), but I edit with iMovie on a five-year-old iMac. Fine for 480, but it REALLY bogs down on stuff shot in 1080. Luckily, my gaming PC can handle it just fine, but that runs Windows 7. So for the videographers out there, what do you use to edit videos in Windows? I downloading Movie Maker, because it's free and probably "good enough," but in the event it doesn't cut it, what do you guys prefer?
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Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11

Hit up E-bay and you can usually find it for around $50. Watch some youtube videos that demonstrate the features. Probably one of the best bang for your buck movie editors out there.
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Here's a second vote for the Vegas line.
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I use Final Cut Pro X, which is great in my opinion.

Vegas is my personal favorite editor ever made. I used Vegas Pro 10 for a good amount of time, I used Vegas Pro 8 before that, and Vegas platinum before that.

In all honesty, for basic editing there is no real advantage between Movie Studio HD and Vegas Pro 11. For the money, that program is hard to beat!
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Premiere, super-fast and plays really nice with all the other adobe apps with Bridge and everything. It's sometimes a lil wonky though if you mix GoPro footage and something else though, usually need to transcode the GoPro footage depending on your sequence settings.

I may be wrong here, but doesn't GoPro package Cineform Studio or something with their cameras? I think it's just a basic editor, but not too shabby if I recall. If not I'm pretty sure it's a free download.

Out of curiosity how powerful is the iMac? I still cut 5D footage on occasion on my MBP (2.5ghz C2D I think) that's about that age and it still does alright, jsut takes forever and a day to export haha. You might just need to upgrade to some better software.

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Sony Vegas Pro 10.
Originally Posted by DPrekel View Post
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I do editing for a living (thats why i rarely edit my helmet cam material, and i when i do, i do a crappy and sloppy job of it).

Avid or Premier. Avid for pro level adjustments, and Premier for simple and fast non linear process.
Final Cut Pro gave me an ulcer, Final Cut Pro X made me sarcastically laugh.
Although i wont deny FCP's ease of use for a home user (if you willing to accept the havoc it plays on the blacks in your video)

For the record iMovie is a piece of junk. Even for a home user.
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Flint has it right. I work in audio but do a lot of stuff for broadcast. Most pros use avid or premier. Vegas or FCP work well if you don't know any better.
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Vegas 11 pro
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I'm another Vegas person. Sister is all about Final Cut Pro, but it's a bit costly for me at this time.
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