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The Xball Blaze around here has been surprisingly nice from Dicks recently. Brittle yet no barrel/breach breaks from 4 cases so far for me.
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Originally Posted by Menace View Post
Not "true to an extent"; just 'true.'

Read my post carefully. I never suggested that paint cares how much you paid for it, or what name is on the label, nor did I suggest buying the most expensive paint. I specifically emphasized quality, not money.

We don't disagree in any respect.

A free bag of fresh, well-kept Marbs is less expensive than a case of whatever Walmart is stocking, but rest assured in that case I'm going with what is cheapest.

And it is true that in many cases, some of the 'mid-grade' stuff is nice and round and consistent, has good fill and good shell, and works just dandy. In that case, paying a bunch extra for tourney grade is silly.

But there is a learning curve involved that requires some basic knowledge of brands, grades, and fills, and the willingness to pay out for the good stuff, or at least, the better stuff when the situation warrants. There is also the matter of what is available at a given place, and how it has been stored. I've played fields where the best they had was garbage, and the worst was execrable. But in that case I still bought the best garbage they had.

There is also the matter of working with people you can trust, and who can give you advice. A good field will stock good paint, and store it well, because they want people to enjoy playing there. And a good place will want to earn your business, and usually the folk there are willing to tell you what is shooting nicely, and what isn't, even if the more expensive stuff is on the low end, or is only negligibly better.

But as the OP specifically reference big box stores, all the above is to say this: I simply don't know the quality of their paint, and neither does anyone else. And that is the problem.

If I'm laying down money, I want to know exactly what I'm getting. How long has that box been sitting there? How many kids in the stock room played soccer with it, or flung it on and off the pallets?

There's also another consideration: It's little skin off Walmart's back if I don't buy their paint.

My local field is another matter. They are providing me not only with a place to play, and refs, and air, and all that, but also a good product of a known quality, together with advice. And it certainly is skin off their back if I don't buy my paint from them.

They need me, and I need them. The more I help them, the more successful they can be. And the more successful they are, the better they can make my day of play. And the better my day of play, the more likely I am to continue supporting them, and encouraging others to do so. Our field is constantly building and upgrading, and they don't have the luxury of forced elf labor. We, the players, support them.

Now, of course, some folk don't have local fields, and they need to get paint. But then at least go with a reputable online paintball dealer, so that you will get a known product, and certainly more bang for the buck than a box store.

On the flip side of this, but in the same vein, there are fields who peddle garbage because they think they are giving a better 'value' to their players. That kind of thinking should be corrected, not supported.

At some point, when people stop supporting quality, they will stop getting it. And when they keep supporting garbage, they will keep getting it. Companies keep cranking out bad stuff, and ignorant/careless merchants keep peddling it, because people keep buying it. Someone at least should make the case for taking the higher, harder path.

So make like a honey badger, and buy the best paint you can get.

Err . . . yeah.

Rant over for now.
good points and all. Just the original wording made me think of the honeybadger memes.

now the thing to do is buy paint and then head to the field for some fully justifiable carnage. love twb
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I've found valken graffiti to be an excellent paint for the price when I've bought it at big games and such. Home field paint is Draxxas IIRC it shoots great and breaks easily on target. With that said if you're playing BYOP it's cheaper to buy a bag of high end paint then 2-3 bags of low end crap and have to shoot 2-3x as much to get breaks. Personally when playing BYOP I buy 1 case of high end paint and play to my skills so that I shoot less paint per elimination. Most weekends in the summer if I'm playing BYOP airball (when it's set up). if I play pump I average 1 bag or so for an afternoon.

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Originally Posted by ApoC_101 View Post
Pump paintball is cheaper than any drug habit I've ever heard of.
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I don't think I've used walmart paint since blue streak was still on the market; where I'm at the paintball store is closer than walmart.

I think Walmart sells stinger, and that is what one of the local fields uses as its low end and it seems to break pretty decent. Though, the field doesn't keep the paint around nearly as long as walmart does.
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Originally Posted by Vital_Signs View Post
I don't think I've used walmart paint since blue streak was still on the market
Oh man, those were the days. I remember looking for the manufacturer's address on the box of any new paint that showed up at Wal-Mart to make sure it didn't say "BE" anywhere. They kept changing the name but never tried fixing the crap.

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I've never seen any paint like blue streak. The only paint I've ever seen with a clear shell so the only coloring on that ball was from the fill.
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I remember shooting bluestreak and orangestreak in backyard ball and for target practice to prep for when i went to the real field. cheapest paint ever, but nasty.
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I've heard good things about the apx pant for 50$ to your door
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My favorite cheap paintballs are Draxxus midnight
Under $30.00 dollars a case
works really good in cold weather conditions

available at your local sports authority
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Originally Posted by Menace View Post
Folk who want to compromise on paint? I don't get it.

Unless you are bunkering someone or in some other CQB situation, then, no matter what your skill and equipment, when you pull the trigger, the only thing that matters is the quality of your paint.

Your paint doesn't care what sort of pod it came from, and from what sort of loader it was fed, into what sort of marker, out of what sort of barrel.

Paint only cares how well it was made, and how well it has been stored and handled until the time you shoot it. And that is all you should care about.
The base problem is this: there really is no objective benchmark for paint.

There's just a lot of personal biases and loose anecdotes.

The majority of the time, people just go by price. Which is wrong.

Occasionally they will link field performance to the paint they chose, which is slightly less wrong, but still wrong because quite frankly you might have been having a good/bad day.

People need to sit down and really think about what matters and how to find it, but I fear the thinking part is where the process dies.
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