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Something I learned from snowboarding that can be applied to paintball...dont run into the trees, its hard on the head

But on a serious note, I do alot of volunteering at a local feild, I ref, tech markers, run things, I do anything that needs to be done. We have alot of younger players just starting out, and some other guys that want to get better. Most of them are too shy to ask about tips or tricks. When I have the time or chance, I approach the players and chat them up a bit, and offer some tips and tricks, if they go for it, Ive taken players out to an empty feild and showed them things, show them snap shooting etc. Let them shoot you, this way they have fun aswell as learn.

Unfortunatly, like what the OP stated, theres not alot of 'how to play' guides, tips or tricks. If ya wana get better, go out and play, or better yet, play against better people, it wont take long to figure out to stay tight in your bunker.
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A field where the refs actually care is hard to find. In my experience most (not all) refs are minimum wage earning teens who do it to offset the cost of being on the field's tourney team. I'm not saying people like this can't also be effective refs/teachers but it is unlikely.
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I agree with heinous. Instruction is basically rendered irrelevant unless you're a white belt sparing with other white belts. Every 10th yellow belt has a trick up his sleeve that will ruin a lesson.
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Haven't watched the video yet, no sound at work, but just to say it- Gilly had an instructional competitive pump day a couple times and I was able to make one of them. It was tough and fun, learned quite a bit too. Yes some things were kind of natural, but making me think about them specifically definitely helped.
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And further to be honest I generally see the kids do better than the knuckle dragging overweight basement dweller whose all COD tacticooled out. It's sorta like that saying it's hard to fill a cop that's over filling or sometthing like that
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So this is EXACTLY what paintball needs. Paintball culture is extremely sink or swim. You get to the field, you get handed a gun, and you either do well or you dont. The only paintball training there is the basic safety lecture about keeping your mask on and your barrel covered. This is how you get people to stay in the sport.

The part that makes it difficult is that unlike snowboarding, it is a group activity. You need, realistically, a bare minimum of 6 people(students) to have an effective paintball practice session.

I am so pissed I'm moving away.... I would totally start this locally....
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also found this

The Paintball Guide - a Beginner's Paintball Guide
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I started playing when I was 12, and I never stepped foot on a commercial field until I started graduate school a year and a half ago. I learned from the people that owned the local store, and more importantly, through Action Pursuit Games and books. Specifically, I read "The Complete Guide to Paintball" by Rob Rubin, "Paintball: The Wizard's Way" by Ron Elbe, and "Paintball Strategies and Tactics" by William Barnes.

Regarding the posted video, I don't think that lessons are a necessary part of paintball. The only truly vital information for the sport is safety related. Aside from that, rules vary widely, and it is entirely possible to have fun with no knowledge of tactics. You try to shoot the other team without getting shot. Nothing complicated. Things that should be learned (tactics, drills, other bits of technique, equipment maintenance) can be learned through books, videos, and forum posts.

In contrast, snowboarding is difficult to learn without guidance on how to manipulate the board and your body to control direction, speed etc.

I do agree with the need for a governing body that issues certification for those that wish to instruct others professionally. I would apply this to referees, for sure. I have seen many referees that lack the experience, authority, and desire to run a paintball game effectively and safely. I think that requiring referee training courses for commercial fields would help to alleviate this problem.
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hmm snowboarding hurts me more than paintballing, the whole falling down thing is worse. In paintball I only go off the trail when I want to, not so much in snowboarding.

I can see lessons as being dependent on your refs and player demographic. Maybe a few tactics in the safety briefing rundown or a quick demo before letting them play (all beginner group). I think offering a coupon rental package that includes a decent basic lesson could be a good way to draw in local people who haven't played or very little. That might work better than a stand alone class, but who knows.

I learned much of my skills through webdogradio which I discovered I think during its 2cnd season. Awesome and still a lot of great info. Go Tyger. I lived off that stuff as a young/new player. Sometimes other people give you tips as well. I try to give tips to younger players and help out with the newer players. Boost their confidence, help them win a game against some regulars. They have fun, meet people, and will likely come back which helps out the local field I like to play at.
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January 17, 2013. Just did part 2.
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