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Started in the late 90s when I was 26, and I'm now 40. I had to take a decade off because of life, school, family, etc. Now my kids are old enough to join me, I have a stable reasonably well-paying job, and the time to play at least monthly. I plan to play until I am physically unable to do so. My ideal way to go will be to have a big big heart attack out on the field with a marker in my hand when I'm in my 90s......
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1st game in 1986ish when I was 16 and still playing today! You do the math
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Started when I was 28. I'll be 36 this year.

I'd rather play along side older players. When I played on a tourney team I was always carting the younger kids around, flipping the bill for paint, helping out with the workdays for the field that sponsored us (I paid to practice and didnt work so one of them could have my free spot), and just the general crap.

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Started at 14, now 30. Have money now...but no time.
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Awesome to see the age diversity, but I know we have some players over 50 here, where they at! haha.

I agree with what everyone else said about money, as a student I basically don't play semi EVER. Even if I want to, I just play pump (i love it, no question) but the choice was taken away by $$$ anyway. As players age they are more likely to be able to indulge both their desire to own equipment and the cost of paint, not one or the other.

Though I know some older players who play pump because of cash, I feel like thats an active choice that semi PB is too pricey generally.

I also will say I prefer playing with older players. Less getting shot in the back, more skill, faster/more intense games. Older players know their skill, younger players are trying to prove something (thats likely not true, it seems everyone who starts thinks they are so much better then average, I know I did, but honestly, zero chance of a new player being that good, natural skill has nothing on learned skills in pb imo).
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I started at 14, just before the tippmann 98 came out. Now I'm 27. Played tournies as Team Johnny. We took the Atlantics in NFLD back in 04. Then we turned into the Run Through Crew, had a grant to make apparel, then broke up. But I will always 'ball.

As for paintball being too expensive, shoot less.

This 25 year old just needs more positive experiences on the field. How can you grow too old for paintball but not Call of Duty?
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God damn them all, I was told we'd cruise the boards for paintgun gold
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I started back in '95 as a highschool freshman and I'm 32 now. Still love it! Hunting people in the woods, and generally being a sneaky bastard, still give me a buzz
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I can definitely see why people take a break around 20-25. I'm just not financially stable enough to enjoy it the way I'd like.
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I would also request common sense, but that's the most endangered species of all.

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I was in my mid teens when I started, however, the average player then was probably old enough to be my dad. Things have changed quite a bit since then. Now, I'm almost always the "old guy" at the field and I haven't hit 30 yet.
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I started when I was 13 and i'm almost 27 now
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