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Ferrari stuck in traffic

Hey guys! So I was a gun whore for a little bit. I had an A-5, Ion XE, Automag, and Mini. I loved owning these markers, and working on them. I rarely went paintballing with them. I could never seem to get my friends to go with me. I could've just been a walk on, but the few times I've done that I didn't have a good time. So out of frustration, I sold em all to buy one sweet marker and told myself I'd be done with it. I bought an Ego 8 of an MCB'er and was really happy with it. It was as cutting edge as I was willing to afford. As I wielded the marker I was in awe of it's shinyness and how light weight it was. I was holding a piece of "Agg" that I never thought I could ever afford. Well, I finally guilted two friends and my wife to go ball with me at a local field. We played some woods ball. As much as I love this gun, I felt like I was driving a Ferrari but stuck in traffic. Even if my local field allowed us to pop off 2000 rounds a second, I wouldn't do that. That is how newer players get scared off. I also felt just a little bad when the gun got dirty. I mostly shrugged it off because thats paintball. Anyway, the game must have resparked my wife's interest in paintball and now I want her to get a gun. The rentals are usually rough and I would like her to have something better. The Ion was originally hers but she never played over the years of owning it so it sat until I got rid of it. I also watched an episode of TechPB where Mike talked about the Autococker, and Automag as being the foundation, and classic cars of paintball. That made me yearn for the days of the past when me and my high school buddies would go find some overgrown land in the middle of nowhere and play all day. I'm also a tinkerer, and the Ego really doesn't have much to mess with especially when compared to an Autococker. This got me to thinking, should I sell my Ego 8 and buy an Automag classic, a basic Autococker, and a GoG eNMy (seems like a low maintenance, cheap gun my wife could use. Any other suggestions?) or just hold on to the Ego, and enjoy the heck out of it no matter how it's used? I know I'm on MCB and can almost already guess everyone's answers but I'd like to know what you guys think. Thanks for the input!

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you are likely to sell the 08 for lower than what you paid for it. You can buy an ion for cheap these day if your wife want one. There were some in the BST for 50 to 70 dollars a few days ago.

It's all about the style that you want to play regardless if 2 out of those 3 guns were the foundation for paintball.

Or you can join the dark side and give pump a try. Also see if your local area have MCB members who organize private game, those are always fun to go to.
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Well, you could put a 50rd or 100rd gravity hopper on your Ego if you want to handicap your gun a little and even the playing field for the renters. That would be like putting a rev-limiter on a Ferrari

As for getting it scratched, yeah I get kind of paronoid about that too unless the gun I'm using was already scuffed up when I bought it. To protect it some, and adapt it for the woods better you could wrap it in camo-form tape. It's flexible, fabric-like tape that sticks to itself, but not to your gun, and comes in a bunch of patterns. Real easy to cover parts with and is a good layer of protection for your gun.

I'm a mag freak so my first inclination is to say "get a mag", which might make a good reliable backup for your wife. Your Ego is such a good gun though that I would just keep it for yourself as your primary. Nothing wrong with using a nice gun, as long as your not beating up noobs with it. I also plan on buying a GOG eNMy in a year or two, when all the possible bugs have been ironed out. Seems like it is a great bare bones mech.
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The Man With No Plan
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i have an 08 ego in the gearbag...

she is a work horse, beat up, shoots like a dream

use it, abuse it, love her!
just remember to not pinch the barbs on the QEV block with your rear grip screws, and to carry a fresh set of QEV diaphrams (if they go bad, gun will not work haha....)

i keep picking up all the cheapo ions on my local CL, because for $50 its a killer loaner
throw a colored body kit on it and now you have a personalized gun! woot!
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Dusty bottoms, first of all, is an awesome name. I've been cracking up for a little while now after reading that and seeing your sig. I don't really use the firepower of the Ego for a few reasons. First off is that I don't want to hurt other players, or be intimidating to them. Second is our field has a rule that says if you shoot three shots in a second you have to take a one second break. They kinda enforce it. Third, dumping paint down range isn't really my style. I don't do it unless I'm keeping the opposing team down for one of my guys to make a run.

I had a mag and it's really the only gun I regret letting go. I got my wife an IonXe when they were new and she did not like it at all. She was scared to use it so I'm thinking the eNMy would be a bit more simple and less intimidating to her. She is not a fan of electro's. When she plays she throws a few paintballs down range if the opportunity presents itself.

Super, I appreciate your input since you use your gun a lot. I don't think I could have a problem committing to beating up my gun but as the thing sits now it's pretty much brand new. Now would be the time to get top dollar for it before I run it through the dirt.

I have a deep love for the sport, and owning an autococker and and automag would be like owning a piece of history. That, and I wouldn't be shy about diving, scratching, and abusing them. I'm really trying not to become a gun whore again, but maybe that's an impossible thing.
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The Man With No Plan
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well i guess i have to ask what color it is... cuz im lookin for a lime and any color ego8
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Mr. Superman no es here
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Sorry friend, it's black and gold. You rekindled my love for it though.
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Honestly I'd look at getting a Mech-Semi of some sort.

Cockers can be had for around $100-200, or if you're one of my friends, you'll score a cocker for $15 off a crackhead - and if you play conservatively you can probably save that much (compared to what you usually shoot) in paint if you play pump or just get up close.

Classic mags are around the same (although I haven't been keeping up with the prices too closely).

I know many people here like their VM-68s due to their reliability - I can't say anything since I haven't played with one yet.

I guess my advice would be to shop around and see what guns you'd like to try out/look cool.
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You can pick up a stock cocker for about 100 to 125 if you're looking for one. The last few editions of them were really reliable, and should be easy to use if you keep it in time/know how to time one. Once you set it, leave it alone and it won't fall out of time. Really reliable, and parts are easy enough to find. You can get a stock automag for 100 or less. There's one on ebay right now with a BIN of $75.

If you sell the ego, you could pick up both plus an extra shooter and still have some cash left over. Would the wife like a mag? You mentioned she didn't like the Ions before, and liked mech. Would she not like a mag then?
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Originally Posted by shootdraxxus View Post
Sorry friend, it's black and gold. You rekindled my love for it though.

Originally Posted by Gascolator View Post
DashHopes has a nelspot that has internals that were polished by Chuck Norris, using only his beard to polish them.
That nelspot never needs lube, shoots 2,000 ball per second, never needs reloaded, doesn't require an air source and when the paintball hits somebody the result is the same as if Chuck Norris round house kicked them.
He nick named the gun Reggie.
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