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"Outlaw" groups. Who plays that way?

It's been a while but I have a lot of fond memories of the outlaw group that played up in some woods area where I lived a few years back.

Now by "outlaw" I mean a group that gets together and plays with no commercial or club range or any rules other than a sense of honor that is expected of the players.

So who all plays with such a group on a regular or occasional basis? I guess I'm curious if it's all about the commercial fields or if the sport is alive on a lower key sort of club like manner.

The group I played with was a wild and crazy bunch from a WIDE variety of backgrounds. We had everyone from serious milsim "operators" playing to guys that had serious speedball setups. Yet somehow we all got along just fine. And NO ONE wiped or played on if hit.

A few times I saw a guy with a possible hit would call for the shooter to check him. Once he found there were no team mates around to check he'd yell to the shooter that he was coming out for a paint check. The shooter would check and call him out or clean. If clean the guy would get back under cover and the fun continue.

This impressed me so much that there was one time that I recieved a few hits but NONE of them broke. I called myself out anyway just because. I figured that if I were "brushed" that many times that I deserved to be out.

To me the whole group was a great bunch of honorable sportsmen and wonderful to play with and against. They definetly proved that "outlaw" can simply mean "not commercially organized" in the very best sort of manner.
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I can count on one hand the number of times in my life I have ever payed to play.

What you described was the exact environment we had at all of our outings. Whether 3 or 20 showed up, it was never an issue that we didn't have refs even with new people. We had all age groups and play styles on the field and we all knew why we were there. To play for the sake of playing. And everyone understood, don't wipe and don't cause any safety issues. Simpler times...

If all goes well later today, I'll be employed and actually able to meet up with some fellow NJ players and relive some of that.
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Boneyard Paintball
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Miss those days
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Had a wonderful time playing backyard ball a couple of weeks ago, great group.
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My original team used to play mostly outlaw, it was how we met and formed. But eventually it was too hard to find an area to play in where we weren't getting asked to leave by the cops, and participation dried up. To be honest I'm much happier playing at commercial fields but that's just me.
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Every last Sunday of the month ,rain /sleet/snow or shine..

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I miss them days. I even use to play at State Parks. We asked the Rangers first and they always gave us an ok as well pointed out where we can play. One of the times one of the rangers had an off day and played with us.

I would like to find a place once again in my area to do this. I know of one but would like to have a better place.
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I'm big on the outlaw personally. It's why I always keep a co2 ready set up. HPA fills are too hard to find around me outlaw must be played with co2 lol. Pump, grav feed hopper and a 24oz co2. Great times. Vermont is perfect for that type of play, tons of endless woods, few LEOs
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Our team has had our own "outlaw fields(s)" since 1992,Ive played tourney to public fields,still prefer outlaw fields.I've found that gameplay and attitude is usually better.We usually have whoever is not ready to play the next game ref,our only rules are 300fps max,any ROF allowed,since '92 we've only had 2 people asked to leave,NEVER had any equiptment stolen
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