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Does anyone else wear their pods upside down?

Or right side up depending on your point of view. I lost multiple pods of paint wearing the pod pack, "the correct way" due to the pods busting open for one reason or another. I also used to struggle getting the pods back in the pack.

I've since switched to wearing the pack so the pods are hinge side up. I find it much easier to get the pod back in the pack and I don't spill any paint.
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The NXE pack I have has had no problems with pods busting open or getting them back in. Now I have had a few Dye lock lids that did not lock properly but they were older pods that had been used a lot. I have a problem trying to get the pods out if I wear it "upside down"
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I sometimes place the lids facing up, in the elastic loops; more so when i'm playing non-competitively or at a scenario.

If you're having issues with the velcro tabs falling open, or pods not opening right, it means you should change packs or pods.
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And why bother trying to get pods back in your pack/harness... shove them down the neck of your shirt and let them rid above your pack belt inside your shirt. Quick and dirty, but it works if you are in a hurry.

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I only ever run pod packs when playing airball and then when I reload I just toss them towards the netting if playing outside bunkers, if I play say center I just put them on the ground behind the bunker. We always do a big sweep after the game and grab the pods up. playing big games I normally run a 2x100rd pack for OC pump or a thigh rig for SC. I've always worn my pods with the lids facing down so they drop out into my hand. With that said I wear my OC 2x100 pack the reverse way since it's more a harness with a pouch and a flap as opposed to a traditional pod pack.

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I don't think I can get my shoulder to bend that far up without getting a cramp.

Only ones I wear facing up are any that aren't in the "ejectors".

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Buy nicer pods.

The cheap pods don't stay closed as well. And good pods will also wear out.

They're cheap... Buying pods is just another part of the price to spray paint.
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i can't lift my arm high enough behind my back to wear them lid up. i mean, i suppose i could but it would take way too long to get one out.

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I don't always use pods... but when I do, I use 100 rd. pods and old velcro harnesses.

Problem solved.
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Fat boy lids don't open without your help. I modded several gator pods with fat boy lids. No spills.
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