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Definitely a case by case situation. I know tourney rules say you can't leave your gear, but the scenario rules at our field explicitly DO allow you to drop and retrieve your gear of you so choose.
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Oh no.
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I appologize for missing that part. I think it has to be case by case, and of course the refs have the final call. Back when I was living and playing scenario games in Memphis, TN, I would drop my primary load, vest and all, so I could make a flag pull with just my pistol. It would look stupid as I madly charge the overwhelming odds for the flag. Most of the time I got lit by the ENTIRE opposing team, but sometimes I got lucky. I would limp back to where I dropped my gear. I suspect that the refs and both sides were laughing too hard at the ballsy (STUPID) move to really call it bad and surprising. Either I got lucky and nobody shot my gear or, like I said the refs thought it was too funny to call hits on the gear I dropped, to call me out from that and just counted the streams of paint headed in my general direction.

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As opening post states I was just thinking about this havnt done it yet
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Paintball is supposed to be "fun". carrying around a pistol with your main gun, then having to still carry the main gun while using the pistol is NOT fun. It's a game, people need to use some common sense when reffing. If that was me reffing i would have said you were fine as long as you dont grab the gun, you pick it back up and you're out.

Only time i think it should matter is in tournament play, rule is you can only leave i think pods and squeegees on the field, anything else, if you're more than 10 feet away from the part you're automatically out.

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If I am reffing:

In any type of a tournament where the rules do not specify otherwise I am calling you out. The rules I am familiar with state you cannot discard equipment besides pods (some even specify empty pods).

In rec ball I am picking your maker up and waiting for you to return. I don't need to have someone run into it and damage it or steal it. I think that type of trickery is right along a dead man's walk. It may be technically legal in some places but its not within the intent of the game. Most fields, after seeing the problems successful dead man's walks have created, have banned them. Obviously I am assuming that it is banned when I make this judgement call.
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We play by the rules and guidelines of paintball but when it comes to dropping your primary marker for what ever reason be it to play decoy or to use your pistol that's all ok and you are not out.

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That nelspot never needs lube, shoots 2,000 ball per second, never needs reloaded, doesn't require an air source and when the paintball hits somebody the result is the same as if Chuck Norris round house kicked them.
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I think it was a brilliant move... We have a specific rule at our field, that if you pick something up, it is part of you, so if you use a branch to block shots, and the branch gets hit you are out.

Conversely if you put down an item, and the other guy "thinks" it is you, that is fair game! And since you aren't actively holding it, it is part of the field...

Course, we also play dead men are part of the field too... So you can use them as shields, or hide behind them... Which leads to some amusing situations! As dead men can't talk, BUT, they can pay attention and HIT THE DIRT if someone is using them as a shield!!!

One of my favorite tricks is to turn off my remote coil when I am in a firefight, and when my marker "burrps" and the other guy rushes me... Turn it back on! hahaha!
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Here is why its usually not allowed. Unless the ref has specific knowledge of your gun not being marked, it is called into question as to whether your gun was marked before you set it down or not. Now if you clear it with the ref before your gun was marked, then its ok.
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I never understood the whole hit the marker and you are out. I can see a pod pack that you physically have on you or if you pick up a "shield", if those are hit you are out. Since we just play outlaw at land my family owns, it is more of an honor system. If you feel a clean hit on you, call yourself out. If your gun gets hit, keep playing. I know there was a situation where I was on a hill side and was about 20 feet in elevation above a guy who was hiding behind a massive brush pile (pile was a good 15 feet across and 7 feet tall). There was a little opening (8"x8") he was shooting out of. I was pinned down and laying on the ground behind some fallen birch trees. Once I knew where he was I layed some fire into the brushpile....I hit his gun. Needless to say he was shocked. We kept playing though. I didn't feel like I had a good killing shot on him.
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Originally Posted by super_stanchy View Post
last supergame (biggest game on west coast, 1200+ players)
somebody put their phantom down and ran off doin somethin on the field during the night game, the game ended and it sat there unclaimed, my little brother found it, brought it to my booth and it sat there for a few hours until we could find the guy who set it down....

if your at an event THAT big, i'd never walkway (or out of eyesight) of my gun

now i've brought 2 guns on a field, and left one at a start station before (to swap a gun between rounds, or loan it out to somebody), but normally thats small field, small group, etc
I did that at supergame. I passed my phantom to another player, charged ahead with a grenade, chucked it, and then returned to my phantom. I don't know how you could leave it for too long.
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Completely agree that it is entirely up to the field and the refs.

however personally I think that was a great move and would not like to see it on a rec game unless you have been playing with the same crew all day and it has been a good all around day for everyone. I also do not have any issues with people leaving gear, while I think it would be be beneficial to get refs nod on it...I could see that being a potential ploy to dodge a hit....drop a hit marker and claim it happened after you set it down sort of thing.
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