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Electros can be fun and i glad to have one in my gear bag. But i will say probably 95% of the time i play Pump or With a Mech Semi (Mags or blow back Tippmanns).
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I own 2 pumps and a PMR I personally enjoy the electro for the more competitive stuff on such a large woods field. I Play pump if it is walkons and some regulars but when we get to 25+ players I like to break out my semi to just to have that 2ed or 3ed shot to get a target through the brush, I shoot about a bag a day playing pump and then maybe 700 rounds if i play semi. I would just keep it for the day that you wanna shoot some paint and have some cash burning a hole in your pocket.

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Totally up to your preference, but I would keep it just to have one.

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240, you could still run an eframe on one of your orracles without running eyes. Everything will still works so long as your loader keeps up. Food for thought.
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I play mostly pump and generally prefer pump. I have an Etek3 that I had custom anno'ed. I keep it because I love the anno. The other reason is there are some days I just don't feel like trying that hard. I just want to shoot some paint, get my share of eliminations without the dedication and discipline that pump requires.

So to sum up....Pump=Hard....Electro=Lazy.
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I keep one in my bag. It's nice to have a little firepower every once in a while. I used it last time I played just because it had been almost a year. Gotta admit, it was really fun to throw some paint again. Keep it.
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I have one electro for my rainy day needs.
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ive held onto on nicely built evolution cocker for when the semi-urge hits, and picked up a few f1s and f2s for a similar reason... and now they all just collect dust. I have to force myself to put the pumps away and try to shoot something else for a change, but its like instant boredom sets in every time i try.
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I'm mainly a pump and mech shooter(ccm and mag) but I still keep one(geo 2.05), not sure why. Didn't even get to use it last year
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I have too many old electros. I like tuning them up, but they don't get much play. I bought the first one, a 2k5'd dragon timmy, simply for the efficiency over my mags. For silly fields with poor HPA distribution and final battles, it is excellent whether you lean on the trigger or not.

The rest are mostly experiments or cheapies that are worth more to me than most people would pay for them. I still have the MCB tramp of a gen-E matrix with a virtue board. I ported the regs on it and it drives really well. I say "drives" because it feels like an old giant Cadillac. I still have my EP classic mag, it's still in regular rotation. So is my lasoya promaster; with a 45ci bottle and short barrel it is actually fun and points well. The oddball trigger usually keeps me in a very slow semi mode, but it can still "go-electro". I try to keep the batteries out of the ones I don't use often.
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