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View Poll Results: POLL: Marker Company with Most Eliminations all Time
WGP 16 9.41%
AGD 5 2.94%
TIPPMANN 130 76.47%
Spyder 5 2.94%
DYE/Proto 0 0%
Eclipse/Planet Eclipse 4 2.35%
Bob Long 3 1.76%
Brass Eagle 2 1.18%
Smart Parts/GOG/Luxe 5 2.94%
Alien 0 0%
Voters: 170. You may not vote on this poll

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Forgot about this one

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Nope. We didn't.
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This thread would be a whole lot more interesting if we were determining the 3rd or 4th place position.
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It's already been said, but tippmann is the obvious winner. A scenario game alone will have at least half of the people using tippmanns. Figure in games like ION, dday, and ll and you will have around 10-15k people and lets say only a 1/3 use tippmanns, that will still be the majority of the eliminations. Add that to the total number over the lifetime of the sport, and its a clear winner.
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Originally Posted by sQuidvision View Post
This thread would be a whole lot more interesting if we were determining the 3rd or 4th place position.
Fair enough. But who's 2nd then? Smart Parts? (Say no, please) Or Dye, Empire, Eclipse? Spyder?
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Without accurate sales data, it would be kind of hard to tell. WGP had a good long run, as did AGD, but Spyders are cheap and have always been plentiful. In my opinion, I would actually be leaning toward Kingman/Spyder for second place as they seemed to be the marker of choice for those who wanted something beyond a Tippmann but couldn't afford the crazy pricing of early electros. Not to mention their sales in big box stores like Walmart for years.
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Agreed. The biggest/bestest/mostest is pretty obvious since it's such a slam dunk. But the second, third, etc. isn't so clear. Whichever maker is number two is a distant second, and probably not all that far from number three, and so on.

Arguments can be made for Kingman (first Spyders hit the streets in '95 or so) and Brass Eagle (especially the owned-by-Daisy era which saw 'em get into big-box stores even ahead of Kingman) being numbers two and three, though in which order would be pure conjecture without reliable sales figures.

None, however, of the "top" makers- WGP, WDP, SP, AGD, etc.- come close. Yeah, AGD had a five or six year head start on Kingman, and by some estimates sold somewhere around a quarter of a million 'Mags of various styles, but it wouldn't surprise me if Kingman made that many or more just in the last five or six years since Tom stepped down from AGD.

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The 2nd place IS far more interesting.

I would offer that purchasers of big box store guns may never actually use them in a game. Or not for long.

The place holder goes to the right combination of sales number and enthusiast following.

Here, I would suggest wgp. They made up a significant number of sales, and their customers were usually serious players.
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