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DamoNAN 02-09-2013 09:12 PM

Today is a sad day in paintball for a lot of Florida ballers. Joshua "JROCK" Haymon passed away last night do to complications from a seizure. Anyone that has played any event's at Waynes World Of Paintball probably met JRock and didn't even know it. JRock was a jovial guy that ran one of the tanks for many years at Waynes World. He is survived by his soul mate Kathy Davis. He was a proud member of Team Unwanted and will be missed by many and all whoever he came into contact with. RIP my Brother.

kill-n-spree 02-09-2013 09:26 PM


nofxkid2005 02-09-2013 11:25 PM

Sorry for your loss. Always tough to loose a friend.

chrisrook 02-09-2013 11:58 PM

I remember so many good times with Jrock. He was one of the first people I met when I started playing scenario ball. He was always the guy I camped and hung out with at games. I feel real bad, because he tried to reach out to me about a year ago so I could come play a game with him and the guys, but I got so busy I pushed it aside and never responded. I remember him selling his Angel just to make ends meet, and then dropping everything to come hang out at the game. He helped me out so many times, and I feel like I never got to thank him for all of it. Honestly, one of the best guys I ever knew, and I can honestly say i'll miss him, and Wayne's World Scenarios will never be the same to me without him.

DashHopes 02-10-2013 06:41 AM

Sorry for your loss, RIP Jrock.

joshkinney591 02-12-2013 12:31 PM

my prayers and thoughts go out to the family, may he rest in peace and never be forgotten.

casper 02-12-2013 12:33 PM


Brother Jerry 02-12-2013 02:34 PM


Pauly 02-12-2013 05:46 PM

RiP always sad to see a member of our paintball family pass on. My thoughts and prayers go out to his friends and family

DamoNAN 02-12-2013 11:31 PM

Thanks to all whom have posted.

If your in the area -

VIEWING FOR JROCK Joshua Haymon. Countryside funeral home 9185 NE Jacksonville road in Anthony Fla.32617.Friday @ 2:30pm. Keep us in your prayers...

Wayne's World will be closing early Friday 15 of Feb 2013 in honor of our Friend Joshua "JRock" Haymon. Also, enter the raffle for a new Empire Mini for 5.00 a chance or 5 for 20.00. All procedes will go to the Family of JRocks to help cover their expenses. The drawing will be held on March 24th, 2013 at the Underworld Scenario. If you would like to send a donation, contact Whitney Smith @ (352) 401-1801 for more details.

I already cleared this with Carter, he said it was ok ;)

Kathy Davis - This Saturday will be our ST.Valentine's Day Massacre in which jrock( JOSH) would play the judge.the team Team Unwanted will be wearing grey armbands( out of one of his shirts) to honor their fallen team mate. I'm so. blessed that the Wayne's World of Paintball and players are there to honor Jrock who played many games and known by all ballers.. the family would like to thank everyone who posted and team members for everything...

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