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New soft Sugru product for fencing, possible paintball applications...

One of my other hobbies happen to be Fencing. In December a company named Leon Paul announced a new product. From their website:

Leon Paul USA - Supplying Iconic British Fencing Equipment Since 1921 Leon Paul Evolution Pistol Grip

"Standard sugru is perfect for a wide range of tasks and was a great starting point for the development of this product. It is a new self-setting rubber designed for fixing, modifying and improving your stuff. It is easy to use, has great durability and sets overnight to form a solid rubber.

Once we got the first prototypes of the product into athletes hands we realised that although standard sugru was great it was not quite perfect for the task. When standard sugru sets is is a bit too hard and without a lot of work to texture the handle it felt slightly slippy in a gloved hand.

So, Sugru set to work developing a softer more grippy product and in conjunction with the athletes created a special softener that you mix with the sugru to greatly improve the feel and grip of the handle. The softener comes as a separate sachet and can be mixed with the sugru in any ratio you desire so you can go all the way from a “stock” fairly hard sugru very soft almost spongy sugru.This was a revelation for the athletes and opened up a wealth of new possible design possibilities allowing them to go into great depth and really evolve their grip to make it unique and perfect for them."

This is their website for the product, their are a couple different tabs you can flip through them and get a better idea of the product, there are two videos as well. Here is the first of them if you want a tl:dr.

I think this could have some interesting uses for paintball. Create your own battle bumps, orthopedic grips that mold to your hand. I'm unsure of how well it would bond to a non aluminum surface, but normal sugru seems to be used on a wide array of materials. Unfortunately this company seems to have the market cornered on the softer type of sugru (doesn't seem to be available on Sugru's website, only Leon Paul's) and they will charge an arm and a leg for the larger amount one might need to make a full on battle pump.

And here is the link if you end up wanting to buy it from their website, where they sell just the sugru packs.

Leon Paul USA - Supplying Iconic British Fencing Equipment Since 1921 Extra Sugru and Softener Sachets
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Interesting...does the pistol grip provide more advantage over the tradition grip? By Tradition I mean back in high school where I fence with a foil where the grip is a straight rod.
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The idea of the pistol grip is that there can be more point control through your fingers and makes it much easier to flick the blade to the backside of someones shoulder (mostly done in Foil). It's become the norm for Foil, and probably used about 50% of the time in Epee. The benefits of the straight grip (called the French grip) is that especially in epee you can hold the handle further down to gain a few inches of distance for less point control (called posting) and when you are holding it at the bell (not posting) you can achieve a greater degree of angles through the angulation of your wrist that would otherwise not be achievable with a pistol grip. You still see the French grip the most in Epee though (I don't fence Saber so I assume all use the straight French grip). There are many many variations of the pistol grip trying to adress the problem that Sugru solves, in that there is no single pistol grip that is perfect for everyone.

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