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To all Paintballers, Keep it Calm and Collected~

Paintballers abroad.. I ask of you to disregard all insults received in any which way.. share if you choose to, Many will try to breach your frame of mind, yet only perseverance will eliminate the hate. Do not receive and duplicate the anger, jealousy or envy of another. View the insult or downgrading, do not absorb, veer away from the round of words shot directly or amongst you. It will take focus away from your original plan of enjoying and succeeding. It will truly cause impurities in your heart and ignite the flames in which you wish not to be a part of.. The Silent wins amongst the Misguided, whether it is shown or not.. It takes years of training and constant perseverance.. but I did what I was set out to do.. Now that the fields have spoken on my behalf.. I will spread the knowledge that needs to be known.. Akimbo Assassin Chapters will begin... Traveling visits will take place.. Clinics to be announced, lingering information of wisdom and skill will be presented.. I want those out there to read amongst and spread the wealth of wisdom.. ~The Heart is First before the Blade~

"Be the Spirit of the Ninja who has the power to use patience together with the body, mind and subconscious. It is this power that one must develop by training hard. The result will lead to the ability to pocket any insult and later throw it away together with all traces of resentment.. A Pure Heart Rises above all.."

~Midnight Angel
~Akimbo Assassin

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ok, who provoked you this time...
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I think I will have to practice said ninja skills to keep from writing silly things in this thread...
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I am just happy that I am not the only one who loves photos of myself. I really do. SO does Julia ROberts!

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I just threw up in my mouth.
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Point proven take care all
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Originally Posted by MIDNIGHTANGELZ View Post
Point proven take care all
The Silent wins amongst the Misguided
Which point? Never seek to start a debate with the words that you will win by being silent. I would think it is setting oneself up for failure.
"Sometimes the point of doing something is not to find the "best" way of doing it, but to discover the most fun" - Gever Tulley

"Use peaceful means where they are appropriate; but where they are not appropriate, do not hesitate to resort to more forceful" Thupten Gyatso (the Dalai Lama, 1932)

"It is not the will to win that matters - everyone has that. It's the will to prepare to win that matters" Coach Paul 'Bear' Bryant.

"The ink of scholars is more precious than the blood of martyrs" - Muhammed
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What's this all about? That stupid respecting paintball group?
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Are all ninjas this full of themselves?
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