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Count me in with the soft gear cheapskates I use ace knee wraps as knee pads used eclipse elbow pads and I have been using the same harness for 10 years the same mask for 7 (new lens every year though). I play in khakis and a t shirt for the most part but when its cold I throw on a $15 hoodie. I also carry way too much gear to the staging aria mostly in bags I got for free from sporting events
My Feedback -

A wise man once said:
"The gap between theory and reality is not as far in theory as it is in reality."
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I just like to feel sexy when I'm raping and pillaging.
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totally with you on this OPBN, all i need is a good old t shirt and cargo shorts is what i play with, i did invest in some $7 dollar knee pads but thats pretty much it after the mask, i shoot just as strait with my old gear as i would with a $200+ set of clothing...maybe i just cant justify the cash for some matching gear when i could find some new mag parts instead, haha
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all work
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Regardless of whether paintballs hurt or not I bear permanent scars, others take only months to heal. I'll go with padding every time.
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I'm 17 and even with my mom paying I opted to go for $30 Smart Parts pants that were on clearance in order to get pads, an Exalt Team microfiber, and a barrel sock...

Although, I picked up some wind pants at the beginning of the 2012 season for $18 from Wal-Mart and even though they aren't actual paintball pants I like them more than any actual paintball pants I've used (And I LOVED my Valken Redemptions) so I'm not sure if my reluctance to buy new pants was so much the fact that I needed pants or that I knew I could get better for cheaper.

EDIT: Only mentioned age since I know some real relics that like to wonder if they're cheap because of their age.

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Soft goods cheapos eh,

You can't put a price on your safety. #1 Rule
Nobody says you have to pay full price. #2 Rule
The informed shopper is the smartest shopper. #3 Rule

31 years in the sport here. I've seen the progress of soft goods development and I love it. I've also incurred my share of injuries and seen my share too.
Some that are too horrible they are never the same.
Elbow/forearm pads, Knee/shin, throat protector, gloves, slider shorts, crotch protection, ankle braces, cleats, and head protection.
All these I play with religiously. Not saying it improves my play but I can play with confidence knowing I'm safer if I make the riskier move.

Do your research. Know the going rate.
Ways I save. Ebay, BST threads, gearbag sales, previous years closeout sales, Big Tourny vendors, sponsorships etc..
You don't have to buy the most well known brands. Just the brand that works for you.
Try on the ones you're considering so you don't waste money on ones you eventually don't like. Ask other players how they like certain items.
Get feedback. Ask about customer service responses when help was needed.
Remember, these products and supporting them keep our sport healthy and growing.
The list goes on.

Don't be the cheapskate that regrets it. All it takes is that one bad injury due to not having the right personal protective equipment.

Ok I'm off the podium.

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I'm a chepskate as well, I took a break from pb for over 10+ years and when I got back into it the only things I needed to buy were a set of pants and goggles. The though of buying specific "paintball" pants never even entered my mind. Back in the early 90's I used to wear a pair of Woodland Cammo BDU pants, which I still wear (not on the field but just around town and work). So when it came time to re-invest in my paintball gear I did what I used to do, I found a set of cammo pants on the clearance rack at my local Gander Mountain for $25, I took one of my old pair of pants and sewed up the waist for my daughter to wear because they were too small for me, she loves the pants because they are so baggy it actually help the paint just bounce off of her. I was really bummed out when I couldn't find new lenses for my OG Vents mask so that is where I spent the money because I needed to buy 2 sets of goggles (one for me and one for my daughter) so when I needed to get the PM7 I picked up (for her to use) working I went to my local pb pro-shop and had Steve repair the marker and picked up 2 sets of the JT Flex 8's and the marker repair (I paid in cash) and I got a little bit of a discount because he remembered me from the 80's and 90's.

I still use the same volley-ball knee pads I bough circa 94, an old school JT jersey shirt (bought around the same time), my old school Sandana (with a built-in neck protection), Indian Springs Squeegee holder, my Indian Springs 2 pod pack (that only hold 100 round pods), a pair of Herman Schmitt gloves I got on clearance at Tractor Supply. When it come to the mask though I didn't want to cheap out considering 90% of the time I'm shot it's in the mask or gloves because that's the only thing I have visible to get shot. So as for all my gear most of it's from the early to mid 90's excluding the mask and pants. I don't think I'd ever buy a pair of specific pb pants because to me it's just a waste. I don't need and padding other than for my knees because I'm almost 40 years old and my knees have taken a beating from all the BMX'ing, dirt bike riding, snowmobiling, skate boarding etc. I did as a younger person.

Just my .02

Started with a Splatmaster, moved onto a Nelspot 007, then came the Autocockers, then a STERLING Pump, next was a Bob Long defiant then a PM7. As of now I have 8 Sterling Pumps, 4 Phantoms, 4 PGP's, a P68SC, 2 Trracres, a 2K+ Sniper, 2 Nelspot 007's, a Bushmaster and a Carter Buzzard

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Originally Posted by OPBN View Post
Am I the only one that absolutely freaking hates spending money on soft goods? ...Am I alone on this one?
not alone. loose the pb junk and run w/ army surplus stuff. ripstop twill bdus will last a few years and pod packs and pads are for wusses. hardcore for the win.
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I HATE spending money... On anything really, if I am going to buy something I check all over to make sure I am getting the absolute best price I can, and it is a price that I can resell for what I paid.

I got my first A-5 with a pod holder/pods, tanks, and mask and figured I was good forever.

After a year of playing I got a full camo flex 8 helmet for Christmas from my father in law. still use that today. I put a new lens in every few years once it starts fogging...

My camo my wife bought me years ago when I started playing for my birthday, (realtree from Bass pro) WAY too much money, but it is all I wear when playing, and has lasted 7 years... I have had guys walk right up to me before and get less than 10 feet away before they realized my gun was pointing right at them! The look in their eyes when they realized was priceless! I did spend $69 on a pair of Rocky boots from Dicks (they retailed for around $200) and that was easily my most expensive paintball "softgoods" purchase.

I wear a cup everytime I play, and always knee pads and a neck guard I purchased new. I also wear my old Hammer shin, and knee pads that I got from Hammer back when I was sponsored by them in the late 80's for BMX.

Other than that, I haven't purchased anything new besides paint and air since I started playing paintball. Sponsors have sent me new stuff, but I usually just let others use it as I like what I have...

If it isn't free, then its not for me. I just fix parts that break and keep my same gear. I did upgrade last year to a "new" for me Tippmann A-5 in the factory realtree that I found on craigslist for a steal... Came with a new pod pack and some pods, and other stuff.

I pretty much play for free now, which is the way I like it!
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some call me a cheapskate others call me spendy lol

my rule of thumb is getting VALUE
if it is underpriced for fair use - good value
if it is highly priced for ultimate use - good value
if it is bargain priced for ultimate use - omg VALUE

but I am willing to pay a fair price for good product. Sticker shock to some people - but it really depends on what it is - for example
my Gargoyle #33 retail price between $675 and $700ish right? given it was bnib when I got it
Had a running debate with another feller who felt I was overspendy since "my -insert whatever bargain pump it was here- performs just as well"
personally I doubt that it had the quality of manufacture nor the neat features but how his shot I dont know - I do know that every person who has borrowed #33 agrees with my assessment that it has voodoo magic and shoots so naturally you dont have to think about it at all.

Paying a fair price for what I need is what I am about - some things cost more - if they have appropriate value - sure 100% there. Other things are inflated - wont spend it. At the end of the day for the frugal - there is surely benefit in being frugal - however - there is also something to be said for pinching pennies and bleeding dollars.


Stitch FC

my mcb feedback
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