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Trails Of Doom
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How to ZoomCam! Build your own system to Capture the Hits!

So as you guys know, I've been filming paintball for a long time, I've tried all different kinds of camera systems, with the goal of being able to show the viewer at home, the hits. As I felt that paintball presented in a first person shooter method could really blow up from the exposure available online with video. IF it was filmed correctly.

Jjrons "sniper" video proved that thought as his video got well over a million views as the viewers at home could finally SEE the hits!

Well, I think my system is finally ready for others to use, so I made a video that talks about how to film paintball, and how to build your own ZoomCam system. Let me know what you think and all I ask is that if you want to use this system, support my video work online and if you could, buy a set of my stickers on ebay. The profits go right back into buying paint and making more videos!

If you have any questions on this system I developed, just ask, and I would be glad to help.

Watch ZoomCam, How to build your own! Trails of Doom Innovation, so Viewers can SEE the hits! | Trails Of Doom Episodes | Learning Videos | Blip

Here is footage of this system in action from my last event on 2.23.13. I was able to capture all of my kills on video on that day! All I did was turn it on before each game and the record button! It is positioned so that short OR long range hits will be captured on film. I can then lay my Contour roam track in editing on the first channel, and my ZoomCam track in my second video channel, and line them up (using the audio) and bam, I can switch back and forth between the cameras, and show the viewers at home what I am shooting at, and they can see for themselves if I hit the other players or not!
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Very nice well done
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It "feels" nice when you touch it
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Every hole costs money
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One in the Pipe!
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Wow I am extremely impressed with both your presentation and your innovation. Job well done! Do you have a YouTube channel ? If not get one up.

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Trails Of Doom
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Thanks guys, glad you liked it. I want paintball to grow, and if more players use a system like this, the quality of our self made videos would increase dramatically, and hopefully that would draw more players into the sport!

My youtube channel, is Trails Of Doom's Awesome Woodsball Paintball FPS Channel HD Zoom - YouTube

I haven't had time to upload this one to youtube yet. I have VERY slow internet at home...
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