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Originally Posted by Brassballs View Post
and 50% of the time the padded shirt saves you from being 'HIT'..
do you play on then?

alot of fields & players frown on ghillie suits for the same reason,if you feel you've been hit in one you should count it as a hit.

here's what I wear,I bruise easy too. jk
If the rule of the given field is that all hits count, then I call myself on any and all hits whether they break or not. If the rule is only breaks count, then I'll only call myself out on bounces if it's a situation that I A) know the other player had the drop on me anyway or B) it's a suicide charge and I know that waiting for a break is just going to get another 40 balls sent in my direction.

Keep in mind, I play mostly scenario with some occasional tournament play mixed in. In a rec game against mostly walk-ons, I'm not going into it hyper-competitive and will call myself out on a bounce because I want new players and renters to have a reason to come back. But in a game full of experienced players whom I know are not leaving for anything less than a break, I reciprocate.

I don't see anything wrong with that, and no one has ever expressed to me that they felt I had an unfair advantage because of the little padding I wear. Again, I'm not packing on the layers with the intent of creating bounces. I'm just wearing one lightly padded shirt to protect myself from getting obliterated when I get myself into bad situations at point blank ranges (which happens fairly often- see avatar).
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To the OP, it's your field and your rules, as long as your enforcing basic safety (masks on when on the field, using barrel bags/blockers when off the field, 300 fps max) I suppose you can play however you like. That said, ramping, full auto, overshooting, and rock hard paint are probably the best ways to scare off new people and turn away others. That you've combined all of them....well, I'm surprised people want to play there. Personally, I wouldn't play at your field knowing that's how you play there.

However, if you're with friends and everyone is having a good time and no one is feeling hurt (physically or otherwise) by that style of play I suppose it could be good for a few laughs from time to time. Maybe mix it up, no padding and hopper ball when you have new and/or young people on the field so they can have a good time. Then after a few games bring on the padding and the pods and have at it for those who want to.

Just my opinion.

Edit. I just reread your first post. Is bounce gear cheating? No, but in my opinion it's unsportsmanlike for seasoned players to use it to gain an advantage over newer players.
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Like others have said, I too employ the "if I am hit I am out" rule for myself when playing.

At my own private field, since I make the rules, I also use that rule for everyone.

Sure, you get the occasional guy who will "pretend" he doesn't feel it, but I know everyone who plays, and once you know who that guy is, you just lay some extra paint his way... Pretty soon, he isn't doing that anymore... As it is pretty embarrassing to walk into the dead zone covered in paint... As we don't "overshoot" at our field unless you aren't calling yourself out when hit.

Playing ANY hit counts in outlaw is really the best way to play if you want lots of new players to come AND come back... Plus it then puts the focus on sportsmanship and honor, and eliminates the need for refs...

Our field has been this way for 7 years, and ever so often you get hit and don't feel it (in the front of the hopper, or on a knee pad or pod) but the other player can yell for you to paintcheck if they see a hit on you...).

It just really cuts down on the need for "bonus balling" as ONE hit counts. So why shoot 10 just to ensure a break?

It also forces players to buy better paint. Monsterball isn't sold anymore, so that isn't a problem like in the past. But, people can still get thick shelled paints that don't break as easily... Course, they don't fly straight either, so the players using GOOD paint only have to put one ball on you! Pretty soon, volume is pointless if you can't hit the target.

We play some serious long ball at my field, as there are no bunkers. Only the trees/ravines, and logs laying around. It is a really different experience than the tiny fields at public paintball places, where players can hide behind a skid or bunker for a whole game. At my field, people MOVE or else get shot. Course we also have guys that get deep into the brush, and sniper others. Which is super fun and stressful when you are running into the other teams camp and wondering if there is a sniper with his marker pointed at you...

I'd say go to the "any hit counts" rule, as that has kept away a ton of the issues that "normal" fields have to deal with daily.

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If a shot bounces cleanly, I usually won't call myself out on it, because it generally means it was long balled from too far back to have broken at all. Then again, I play in a t-shirt and jeans, so anything that hits me at all has the best chance to break.

That said, if I can't tell immediately if something was a hit or a bounce, I'll call myself out. Not like being shot out of a match is any big thing, there'll be another in a bit.
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I wanna wear padded clothing with Vertical down pockets spanning the whole thing that way when I get bounced I get a free ball for later
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Padded clothing to promote bounces, I'm not fond of people who do that but when those people do come around it just means a more brittle paint and a burst of 3 instead of a single shot.

I'd be in favor of you having more brittle paint available to counter the padding extremists, if people are getting out due to a more brittle paint and less bounces, I would think people would start wearing less to be more mobile.

For me, if its a clean bounce and easily checked, I play on but if its in an area where I can't see or easily check for paint, then I will call it. It can be a little painful to play on though, I wear a helmet because I got tired of the head shots. I've had some people shooting old paint to where I have had a bounce off the front of the helmet (direct hit) or the fun one of a direct bounce off the knee cap.
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If there is truely alot of overshooting I cant blame the players for padding up. I also cant blame them for trying to get a advantage over the other team. But it must be kept in check. If a player shows up in a huge winter jacket in summer you know something is up.

I have always played (10 years) in just pants and a tshirt no padding, After getting severely overshot in the past couple years I finally gave up and got arm pads, empire padded jersey. My reasoning was purely due to getting overshot excessively. If Im playing with a group I know I dont wear the padding.
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intentionally setting up for mega bounce factor is at the minimum unsportsmanlike and in my opinion unneccessary.

setting up to protect yourself from the effect of sliding, diving, running, jumping, etc - do what you gotta do.

its a fine line - I think the INTENT is what makes the difference - if your INTENT is to avoid hits - its cheating - if your INTENT is to protect your body - you can mitigate the unsportsmanlike part by calling yerself out on a good hit.

At close range I feel a good one I go in general or I ask for a check if feasible - at long range I always ask for a check and make my own decision to stay and play or go on the bounce. If the rule says break on impact - so be it. Playing by the rules is the name of the game. Again - its a question of intent - at least for me.

There have been games where I will just sit out there for the new players to have a field day with - makes for a good time for them and I have been shot so much over 25+ years that frankly I dont care if I get hit or taken out.

When playing competitively its about honor - I REFUSE to be a win at all costs player. I will ask for a check sure - but - I will never condone intentional bounce factor or playing on after a clear hit/break ever.
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I myself cannot stand the feeling of padding. I like to be as light as possible, I will gladly take bruises for mobility. I personally could care less if someone else is wearing an excess of padding. It is simply another variable in the game. This philosophy only applies to recball obviously. The padded person also has to trade comfort and mobility for a higher % of bounces. It somewhat evens out in the end and I would rather someone linger in this gray area than wiping.
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Originally Posted by Stitch View Post
its a fine line - I think the INTENT is what makes the difference - if your INTENT is to avoid hits - its cheating - if your INTENT is to protect your body - you can mitigate the unsportsmanlike part by calling yerself out on a good hit.
Sums it up perfectly for me.
Although I don't wear any particular padding myself (normally just a T-shirt and harness), being on the receiving end of some particularly trigger happy electros (i.e. 90% of Brit players ) has made me consider it a few times.
I just swapped out the harness for a chicom rig to protect my chest a little more, and job's a good 'un!
The shemagh on my head gets a few bounces sometimes, but because I always feel a hit there, I always call myself out on them.

For my nephew on the other hand, one of the biggest factors stopping him from enjoying himself is the pain/fear of pain, so for him a good bounce vest or a bit of padding is perfectly legitimate.

Like I said, Stitch summed it up nicely.

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