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Originally Posted by uv_halo View Post
If you are in Chicago, I would go to Paintball Explosion over CPX. Paintball Explosion: Indoor & Outdoor Paintball Fields & Store near Chicago, IL

Its a field where a Santa's Village used to be. Their indoor field is a turf setup on a old hockey ring.
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In Boston you need to hit Boston Paintball, home of thr twister, AG and maybe try yo catch a gravity league game

Support your local fields. The game you save may be your own.

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Originally Posted by Jebus View Post
Some really good looking fields so far! That Town of Bedlam at CPX looks familiar, is that the one weltman look a clip from a Mod85?

If I happen to be in the area of a Big Game, I'm going to really try to play a day...just to say I played lol. Hopefully there will shopping nearby to occupy my Wife!

Monty, what are some fields around Montreal? We will be staying there for a few days at the least. My Wife is from there, so we will be visiting Family etc...
You're in luck. the MTL area has at least a dozen fields with at least 2 on the island. Take a look at the map for Mirabel. I believe its one of the largest places in north America. If you decide to go there Tippmann Challenge is a must. There's also Arnolds Paintball Arnold Paintball - Paintball Intérieur Lasalle | Paintball Extérieur Hemmingford | 1-877-300-9238. They have a indoor field on the west side of the island. Its not big, but its easy for walkons (they have sunday cheapie nights). I've been wanting to hit them up for a while.

Then there is 2-3 fields just north on Laval island (Laval also has a ton of outlets and malls for the missus to shop). Skorpion Paintball - Home has a small indoor and outdoor field and their right off the 440 highway I believe.

Considering your showing up in August theres quite a few big games you could choose from within decent driving distance. Hit me up via PM and Ill compile a list for you.
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Originally Posted by Lohman446 View Post
With all the drama, whining, superiority complex, and "you can't play here newbie" attitude I wonder if scenario paintball is attempting to take a lesson from tournament paintball on how to decrease interest.
Originally Posted by TechPB-Mike View Post
I don't particularly have any respect for players using a pump gun.
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As far as quality of fields go, Sherwood Forest in Indiana is a top notch field. Unfortunately, they are only doing rec play this coming year.
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Ifyou're going for big games, try to hit Living Legends at CPX, and Western Wars or Pumpers' Pandemonium at EMR. Rec play, I'm not as sure. On Target always draws a big crowd.
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Originally Posted by OPBN View Post
As far as quality of fields go, Sherwood Forest in Indiana is a top notch field. Unfortunately, they are only doing rec play this coming year.
THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have played at over 50 fields in the US, and hands down, Sherwood Forest, in LaPorte, IN, is the best field I've played. If you come through, and want to go, my treat!
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If your coming through Toronto, check out our GTA pump paintball players group on facebook. We have a monthly calendar of events posted, and it would be sweet to play against some new faces!
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It's a stretch but CCZ in upstate New York is a great up and coming field. The player base in New York is awesome.

Would also recommend OSG in New Hampshire. Great owner, amazing field, and always a great crowd. It's also central to a few mcb'ers
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Paintball explosion over cpx if your playing in Chicago land.
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Holy smokes it will be tough to choose!! I like that Sherwood is pretty close to the route that we will be on. I wish I could attend Living Legends....but that's in May lol

As much as I want to make this a purely Paintball Adventure - sadly I won't be able to. I'm hoping to play as much as my Wife will allow lol. As long as the field isn't too far off the route, I'll be able to play for a few hours, then continue driving. Proximity to shopping/attractions/monuments etc... would be a huge bonus. My 5yr old Son is fascinated with buildings/architecture - only reason we are wanting to go to NYC is so he can see the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty hehe

I went on the peanut butter nation, and clicked the field directory - didn't realize how many fields there are out there!

Thanks for the great info so far!!
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