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Paintball at Six Flags

I know someone reported seeing a paintball target practice at a six flags before, but Bushwackers has opened a real paintball field at Six Flags St. Louis. This should be great for paintball!

Six flags offered them their old rides to use as bunkers! There are 4 fields: two hyperball style fields and 2 woodsball fields.

Paintball at Six Flags |

Paintball is coming to Six Flags St. Louis in 2013! Bushwackers paintball joins the park’s lineup of extreme attractions with four fields that can take up to 100 players per session. Guests will have the choice of four different types of games including Capture the Flag, Center Flag, King of the Hill and Everyone for Themselves. The all inclusive fee to play paintball includes paintballs, guns and protective wear. The playing fields will feature varying settings of open grass to wooded terrain with buildings, bunkers, facades, natural creek beds and retired Six Flags props and products.

You will not be allowed to bring your own equipment, you will rent everything and use park paint of course. You have to be in Six Flags to access it and the current price is $35 for 1.5 hours for season pass members, $40 without a season pass. It is located by the Ninja and Joker at the Arcade. There are really good group deals available: for $55 ea 10 people get into the park, play paintball for 1.5 hours, and enjoy other perks.

The rental guns are Piranhas on compressed air (as soon as the compressor is setup). High quality masks and protective clothing are supplied.

The plan is to start selling beginner's paintball packages as soon as the details are worked out with six flags. During the Six Flags offseason the field will be open to the public for open play.

Here's some more pics. Staging area

Field 1

Field 2

Field 3

Field 4

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During the off season when the park is not open people will be allowed to bring their own gear and I assume paint as well. So it will work as open play, no pay by the hour nonsense. Bushwackers was a great field in STL before they closed. I think the land was sold out from under them and they were forced to close.
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That hourly rate is pretty profitable I bet.
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I really like the picture posts, because I don't understand most of the word posts.
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You would think so, but I'm sure Six Flags takes a big cut. On top of that, it is unlimited paint for that hour.
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unlimited paint even if I had to shoot their rental guns it'd be fun to do that as a side activity if you're already at the park. Not to mention it looks like they choose Pirhanas (rebranded to JT as the ER3) as rentals so solid reliable guns that don't break down and looks like they are using HPA on the rental markers good to see. I'll bet this will be a good thing for our sport as if people are introduced to it at Six flags and like it they would probably go and seek out their local fields and such and the sport will grow. Good on the guy for seeing an opportunity to keep it going in that area with Bushwackers

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Tim Schloss has been the sport a long time. I believe that he will run this "paintball park as a model of how the sport should be played.

Tim ran a class act when I played on his field in 88.

Wish him the best

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Very cool, the price is comperable to the other prices inside the park. So it shouldn't be a deterant.
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I live about 25 minutes from Six Flags St. Louis and have season passes and will be there today. I'll check it out and let you know what I find. It'd be nice to play there during their off season which is when I usually play my most paintball anyway.
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...just following the natural paintball life cycle. Young with no money and drooling over all the nice toys ---> Old with toy money and no time to play.

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this sounds great. people are already in the park, having a day of fun, and then theyre presented with the chance to try out paintball for only $20! should help attract a good amount of new players. sure, the pricing isn't good for those who already play, but for the first-timer, it doesnt get much cheaper unless you luck into an outlaw game. and im sure the layouts will be a lot of fun given the extra equipment and structures they have lying around
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Considering a cheeseburger is probably $20 it's not a bad deal
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