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Pr3mium 04-20-2013 04:57 PM

That time when you found out...
you bought something and just realized a year later you had it.

TL;DR at bottom. I'm horrible at keeping stories short, so if you don't want to read it don't.


It was probably around this time last year, maybe a month later, that I purchased my Mag and z-grip (recently sold both). To buy them I sold my Phantom setup, and even sold my winchester hopper (since I wasn't playing pump or anything anymore, maybe later). Well, obviously I'd need a new hopper, right?

Well, after I got my gun and all, I just never went paintballing again. I worked every Saturday and Sunday, and I was saving up because it was a temporary job and I'd need money saved for when the job was over. After I finally got my new job (was out of the job for all of October, to some of November), it was winter and I honestly would just rather not play in the winter.

Now it's Spring, and school's almost over. Now I decided to sell my mag and z-grip for extra cash to go on vacation. I already have a lot saved up thanks to having a good job right now (the one I picked up in November). By the time I put my "selling" thread on MCB, I was hooked and wanted a new pump gun to play. So I've been constantly looking around.

Decided to buy a new CCM T2 (should only been 2-3 more weeks at this point before it's finished). Well, now I needed a nice hopper for it. I loved the winchester on my Phantom, so I bought one used on here. My brother also caught the bug and ordered a few things on ANSGear waiting for his stuff, and asked if I wanted anything. So I said, "Well, I guess I'll take the Proto Primo hopper just in case I want something a little larger and feeds a little bit faster".

And now for the end. Today, I was on my iphone 5, and meant to click "forums", and clicked, "User CP" which was right underneath it. First thing I see it, "Diomedes feedback thread", and I was interested in what I bought from him, since I tried to get his Phantom that was up for sale. Turns out I bought a Valken V-Max from him in really early June last year for the mag I bought right before that, and I couldn't remember if I did buy it, or where it was. But I must've, since I obviously left feedback for it.

Well, after searching for 5-10 minutes, I found it. Guess I didn't need that Proto Primo afterall. Very interesting, I am completely shocked that I forgot about having it.

TL;DR: Clicked on User CP by accident. Went through someone's feedback I posted on, not remembering I bought something from them. Turns out early June last year I bought a Valken V-Max from him.
Also bought a Proto Primo on ANS like 2 days ago because I wanted a hopper that'll hold more than my winchester, when I had this one all along.

aresfiend 04-20-2013 11:46 PM

I thoroughly lol'd

Diomedes 04-20-2013 11:58 PM

I read the TL;DR first, thought, "was that mine?", then went back and read the long version and got a chuckle. Glad you'll get to use it now.

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