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Opinions on Bushmasters/BKO/B2K/etc.

OK, I'm in the market for an electro and AKAs are out of my price range (dang it!). I've been looking around on eBay and the ICD forum for a used Bushmaster et al. How easy are they to maintain, any real difference between ones with PDS and one without, BKO vs. the rest, are BKOs only semi or do they also do full auto like the others, etc.? Do ya'll have a reccomendation for one, or would a different electro be better? I've got about $200 or so squirreled away that The Boss doesn't know about that I can use (shhhh! Don't tell her...).

Thanks for your input!

BTW, Carter, I like being able to delete our own posts. I moved this from the ICD subforum to here to get a wider range of opinions instead of just ICD owners.
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I have worked on a couple, and just bought one on ebay myself broken that I want to fix up. They are decent guns for a fast fire rate if you tune the trigger right. nothing super special you need to know, real easy to strip and maintain. (the sodering on the connections doesnt seem to stay put that well so you may have to resoder a couple connections if you buy one used. No eyes gets you some ball breakage if you dont feed it with something that can keep up. They claim nitro only, but I've run them successfully on co2 on warm days not firing a lot. If you can find a vaporworks one go for it, they rock!

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I haven't read anything but good things about ICD in general. I'm going to pick up a BKO before the Michigan Monster Game probably this summer. Action Village has them new for about 167 bucks.


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