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What happened to drop forwards?

turn of century, everyone was using them! Now I see hardly any newer guns with drop forwards...

Instead all the speedball guns i tend to see just have the ASA on the grip, and a tank sticking out the back like these...

Now, speedball guns are supposed to be uber tight...

Why would you have a speedball gun without a drop forward?

Doesn't that eliminate the 'compactness' of the speedball gun?

I understand tanks have gotten a bit smaller, but not enough to throw out drop forwards all together.


My AC with 68/45 comes to about the same length as my TM7 with 35/3k...

Now if I put my 68/45 on the TM7 (no drop forward) or any other speedball gun's asa on-grip... I then have an unwieldy honkin long gun no longer suited for tight-compact play...

Even 45ci tanks directly into the ASA feel too big and unwieldy to me...

So why did most people drop the drop-forward? Unless your using a super tiny tank (like my 35ci or smaller), I don't see any advantages of screwing a tank directly into the ASA...

Seems to be one of those things that work well, but were dropped for 'fashion'?



In a way, I'm benefiting though... because drop forwards are so much cheaper I can grab them and put them on my spare guns... Just grabbed one for $12 for my old pro-carbine!
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I'm guessing its because space dildos and modern tanks don't weight jack, so you don't need to distribute the weight under the gun anymore.
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All valid concerns! I think there was a thread on this about 6 months back with a similar discussion.

Compared to most, I am a newbie (only been in the sport since 2008) but I love drop forwards! Especially if there is alot of thought that have gone into it - adjustability or cool design etc.

I agree with most that you have said!

@maggot: Also most space dildo grips are gas thru... which negates the drop forward design if you want a pure macro-less look
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I had a few guns with drops but as I played, I found them more comfortable to hold/shoot without the drop. However, my tanks have gone from 48/3000s to 45/4500s & 13/3000s. That might have something to do with it.

I find the internal air lines in the fixed ASA/Regulator like the marker above, to be a bad direction in the industry, generally. It is nice in milsim guns to add to the authentic look but it limits the ability to customize the ergonomics of the gun to the shooter.

I prefer to use rail mounts that that let me slide the ASA forward or back with little actual drop to meet the needs of whatever tank I might be using that day. Loosen the three set screws, slide the ASA, retighten, done!

The options a standard 2 hole grip frame brings are great. It lets you mount rails, drops, on-offs, straight ASAs, angled ASAs, or stocks however you want. I suspect that once the hoseless craze runs it's course, we'll see the return of the regular old bottomline marker again. It's too handy to kill off completely and everything runs in cycles.
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Yeah, tanks don't weigh anything anymore. Force the agglets to play with an oldschool aluminum tank, and the drop forwards would come back in ten seconds to try and get the weight of the gun centered on the grip.
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Doesn't this also have to do with the style of paintball played now? From what I was told, back in the day you had hard, small bunkers, so you had to play tight. On an airball field, you can press into the bunker, and they are larger.

Looking at my field's speedball (hyperball?) vs Airball fields, this holds true. If you don't play speedball really close to the bunker, you leave parts exposed.
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One of the most precious pieces of advice I got was from the field owner who was watching me in a tournament at another field. I was using the then in-style long drop forward. He pointed out that as I tried to hit someone further away I was floating the tank off of my shoulder and the shots were going all over the place (more so than normal - I can still "lane" both sides of the bunker just by shooting). Going away from a drop made the marker much more solid on my shoulder and improved the predictability of my shots immensely.
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Drop forwards were practically gimmicks... Small drops made sense on heavy markers with long 88ci air tanks... But generally they were actually a detriment. Proper stance and hold of the marker puts both your elbows near a 90 degree bend, barrel line about level with the eyes... Not possible with big drop forward. Rail asa's, extenders and different sizes of tanks is all that we require nowadays to get the setup length right... Dropping the tank height is rarely or never a good thing.
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Something not mentioned this time around yet. Center feed means to keep the hopper angled in with a big drop forward the tank would stick out more because the gun is taller.
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I was going to go in a different direction and say that guns have probably gotten more efficient that they don't require such large tanks anymore.

Then again, the I haven't used a tank bigger than a 22/3k for over six years so..
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