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Originally Posted by FreeEnterprise View Post
lol.. the incident you taped is pretty trivial compared to some of the dbag stuff ive seen over the past few years. What bothers me is the behavior
is becoming more common.. even accepted.

Its pretty sad really.

As for trying to fix it? Its a fools errand. I suggest trying to find a private field that prohibits this type of behavior.
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To those people questioning why Some people play on even when shot. ....
Case in point
I've been shot more then a few of times and not felt it till after the game when it was pointed out to me. I get in a zone sometimes. That zone is focused on hitting you. Same reason why some people dont realize theve been shot with a REAL bullet till someone tells them. So I can understand that.
Take that into account.
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Arguments happen. I've been in some myself. The overshooting though, that's a whole different level of unacceptable. I firmly believe problems start and end at the top at a field, with the ownership and how they expect the refs to behave. The commercial field I play at the most caters to renters. That's where they get the most of their money. The refs, who are very fair, will tell you to slow up your rate of fire if you're being too aggressive to renters or even less experienced players. Overshooting a young kid like that would be grounds for being ejected from the park, no refund. Member or not.

Suggest telling the field owner (and if it's you, OP, please take this to heart) that allowing bullies to do their thing without any real consequences will kill off their business. Take a hard line approach to the overshooters, and maybe keep the inexperienced players away from the experienced ones until a more positive culture is in effect. The reward is a much better atmosphere for all.
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Good discussion, thanks guys!

Well, I don't have on video the apologies. And I watched the footage last night for the second time (watched it a few weeks ago when it happened), and I don't see any benefit in putting it out there...

I'm embarrassed that I let him get under my skin like that, I'm old enough to know better, after crawling for 25 minutes to get over to their side, I was convinced that the screaming was about to get me out...

This wasn't at my field, but I don't see how the refs could have done anything to "fix" the behavior I was involved in, it just happened, in a span of 10 seconds or so.

The guy bonus balling the young kid... Now that really bothered me, and still does.

I have my front light on my contour covered (which others could see from distance) but the slide switch has a second light, that is only visible if you are close. But, I think he was sincere, and I know I was as well. So I will cut it out of my final edit of that game.

But, while thinking on this, I had an idea. And I know the guy that runs the field and he might be open to enacting this idea. I figured you guys would be a good sounding board.

What if all refs at a large scenario carried red/white strips of cloth around their necks. And if they saw a player overshooting another player/screaming profanities/ or other bad behavior they could give that player a "red" band which that player would have to return to his general. The ref would keep track of which team he handed a red band to, to make sure they did in fact turn it in to their general.

Then these bands would become part of the scoring for the event. If you get a red band, your team loses points (say 50 point deduction for each red band).

And conversely, if a ref witnesses a player doing something above and beyond the normal play (helping out a player, or doing something out of the ordinary that promotes fair play and good sportsmanship). Then the ref could award a white band to that player. Which would result in a 50 point addition to that teams score.

Then if a player gets a red, and doesn't turn it in, when the refs add up their tally and it doesn't match, the team gets a 100 point deduction for the red, as it wasn't turned in...

This might be a good way to let players know instantly that their actions have consequences that affect the entire team. If a player keeps turning in red bands, the general will notice and keep that player in line.

Kind of like a red card in soccer, or a unsportsmanship penalty in football. Paintball doesn't have anything like this that I have seen, but it seems to make sense especially since so many are playing at once in a scenario.
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but what makes you think kids who overshoot are team players who care about the whole team winning instead of just being there to bully others for their own egos?

and that's 2 extra band colors that everyone has to mind, that just adds more chances for friendly fire.

there already exists a system to teach consequences. refs can kick people off the park. you want consequences? -100 points at the end of the day is nothing. entry fee and wasted time is something.

if you really want to make a game out of it. make the punishment "eat a paintball." not the flavored kind either. the regular kind. or make the next game everyone vs that one *******, except you don't announce it until after the ******* is already with everyone on the field ready for the round to start so he can't skip it.
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Originally Posted by heinous View Post
there already exists a system to teach consequences. refs can kick people off the park. you want consequences? -100 points at the end of the day is nothing. entry fee and wasted time is something.
Exactly. Make the punishment severe enough so it won't happen - at least not with any frequency. Every field in the damn country should be promoting good sportsmanship and establishing a zero tolerance for poor sportsmanship. Any type of poor sportsmanship (bonus balling or dumping, physical contact with another player, or any other type of malicious behavior) should result in the immediate ejection of the offender from the field. No refunds. No exceptions. Being banned from the field permanently or for the year is another option which should be considered.

Any type of penalty system where the judges need to keep track of strips of cloth or tape (which can be easily removed BTW) is impractical. The judges have enough to do already. There is simply no way refs would be able to keep track of all the possible infractions. Just kick the bums out.
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You know I have done and said some things around the paintball field that I am really not proud of. It has led to me walking away from the sport a couple times. Now I like to go and play the game and remember that it is just a game.

Others on this board are better about this than I am but I will reiterate the lesson anyways. You can dwell on this (or that bad e-bay deal), get really really annoyed, get more and more upset and have it eat you up. Or you can be angry, let it go, and then move on. You have both apologized I would let it go

Originally Posted by C Joybell C
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Heck, I got bonus balled on an indoor airball field last week. I'm playing stock class Phantom, last one alive on my team with two opponents closing on me, and one of them decides to be a douchenozzle.

Runs past, has me cold as I'm looking for his buddy. Then stitches me knee to neck with about ten shots from maaaybe 15 feet. Refs didn't so much as blink. Just glad we were shooting 275 fps, so the bruises weren't terribly spectacular.

I'm really having to reconsider playing there if that keeps up.
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^ I've done this by mistake before, but not from as close. That's lack of trigger control and the major downside of electros and especially ramping modes. I was on the receiving end of such an event myself this past weekend. Guy hit me on the first ball, but he already had eight more in the air by the time the first one hit. While unpleasant and avoidable, I don't necessarily think malice is part of the equation. Of course, every incident is its own. This doesn't tick me off nearly as much as hearing about a guy that unloads a whole hopper on a kid just because he can.
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Originally Posted by Justus View Post
I thought he was pretty clear, and that his only reason for uploading it would be to discuss it rather than simply sweep it under the rug. I also didn't have a problem reading the entire original post, even if it was more than just a few lines.
True, that is in fact in there. My eyes were glazing over at that point. Brevity is the soul of wit.

That said, the first post accomplished that task well enough on its own.

Antisocial behavior by definition should be handled with social controls and a little finesse. If it is antisocial behavior then you should have social backing. That means you, the refs, the owner, and the other players.

If you don't have that backing, reconsider either your assessment or your locale.
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