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2k2 wgp cocker with kapp prototype swing frame and all Palmer pneumatics
Swing frame was badass I never short stroked it too bad they only made 50 of them and I no longer own the gun

Also micromag
Really miss those markers

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Not intended to be a shameless plug, But I matched with my Vanguard Demon really quick, especially since I had used nothing but a phantom for 2 years it was a really fast adjustment. Markers with a nice spread out reg in the front just make holding that little bit better.

Going back to my phantom after it feels really different holding the pump arm at the barrel.
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All Hail Harb!
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Toss up between my CCM SR-1 and DSG.
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NSG Splatmaster. lol.

Yes, seriously, it really suits my style of play. I just wish I could get a brass barrel for it though.

And I really love my vsc Phantom.

And my Mokal Mirage "pistol".

And my brass guns.

I think that's all.

WANT TO BUY: 4 oz Co2 tanks--- NSG Splatmasters.....Smart Parts 14" All-American phantom barrel.....PM me.

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Doesn't care (/◕ヮ◕)/
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Isn't there a proverb about this, something along the lines of
"A fisherman never changes his bait"

Something about you'll most likely do better while using a piece of equiptment that YOU think is better, mentaly and physically you put more effort into playing because of it.

I don't always play pump, but when I do, I prefer a rotor.....stay agg my friends.
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Mine would have to be a Dye DM3 with aardvark slam bolt. The first day I took it out it felt like the gun pretty much aimed itself. I only wish I had gotten into matrixes (matrices?) years ago.
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First marker I ever shot was a field rental 007, these were pigs even on good days. Upgrade to a Skirmish barrel kit when they came out the to a Bushmaster, which was a great improvement.

Mr Carter loan me one of his custom markers when I played on his team in 88, difference between night and day playing with custom marker verse production marker.

That fall at the Masters in Nashville Termite and Jessica gave Sam, Jim and I Termite markers , as close as I ever got to being one with a marker.

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