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app 50rd hopper

Hey guys. Just wondering what ur thoughts on the Hopper. I'm wondering what the lid is like and if it needs to be modded like the old Winchester hoppers.
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I pulled the lid off of mine. Replaced it with a pod lid similar to the Lock Lid mod done to the Winchesters.
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I have never had a problem with my lid.
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it is an okay hopper. sits low and is small. does not feed as good as a winchester though. using the stock lid limits how much paint you can carry, i would say it needs to be modded like a winchester hopper.
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winchester may or may not feed faster... the APP is much more durable though. Winchester takes a direct hit in the front and it can blow up the paint inside, but it won't break the hopper... APP will take hits from any angle without breaking paint. APP is my personal favourite (with pod lid mod)
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I have a APP with the pod lid mod (given to me by a friend). It's my all time favorite. I use it on pumps and semis. It feeds better than my old ammo box.
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I love my APP 50 round hopper. I find no issues with the lids. If I am playing a limited paint game, it is the only hopper I use.
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I have two APP hoppers. I replaced the lid on one of them with an APP pod lid/collar. APP also sells a transparent rubber lid with a little feedgate for 10 round tubes which I put on my other one. They're nice little pump hoppers but I think my sport shot is better suited for semi.
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Without modding the lid, the hopper holds just a little less paint than those GXG 50 round pods, which isn't ideal. Stick a pod lid on there and the hopper becomes slightly larger than a pod. Still less capacity than the APP 50 round pods, which hold closer to 60 rounds, but enough room to use the GXGs.
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