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Any fields left it West virginia?

Help a bloke out.
I want to cross off the Virginias during the holiday weekend of Independence Day.
It seems that most of the fields in West Virginia have closed down. Scary Creek apparently still there but the reviews report that the owner runs the business like a tyrant. Can someone suggest a field in W.V.? I figured I would play Splatt Brothers in Hopewell to cross off Virginia but I am open to other suggestions.

Thanks man.
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There's none in the eastern panhandle worth going to. However skyline paintball is a lot of fun just over the state line in Virginia
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Thanks. I'll investigate Skyline for the Virginia part.
I'm having quite the problem with West Virginia.
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In Virginia:
Skyline or Splatt Brothers are both good fields IMHO. Skyline would be alot closer to Detroit though. Might also look into Hogsback if they're still open.

In West Virginia:
Not too many "organized" woodsball fields that I know of. Outlaw/private land games are the normal venue around here. I've driven by Scary Creek a good bit but, have never played there myself. Although, the fields there look like they could be quite fun. Reading their website and word of mouth has kept me away for now.
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Yeah, WV is a ghost town for organized fields. Scary Creek is pretty much it. I have a friend that played there recently and he said he had a decent time. I played there many years ago and found the fields decent but prices were a little high. From what I understand, prices now are more in line with other fields and I have personally not heard any stories of the field owner being difficult to deal with.

I live right on the border of Ohio and when I play locally, I cross the river and play a bit in Marietta, Ohio at J & J Paintball and have several friends further north in Ohio that I travel and play with.

As said above, WV is pretty much the state of renegade play.
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Hogback is indeed open for business. They're awesome at keeping games moving and the atmosphere is usually very chill.
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Big Pearl in Glasgow, VA is planning on a gathering for local players on the 6th of July.
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There *were* a couple of fields in the Buchannan WV area... Unfortunately, when you search for them, they either do not have a website, or the information about them is many years out of date.

If you find a good one, tell us... I am trying to move out of MD and into WV, and having a great place to play would be nice...

All though... I do have 50 acres, so I could run a field on my property


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Hey, Ty. I would love to meet up with you sometime at Hogback Mountain Paintball, which is just up the street from Pev's and is one of the great East Coast paintball experiences...
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Yeah if you dont mind being winded before you even play after that wicked walk up the hill. Skyline is awesome cause they are byop. I cant put into words how much that is a determining factor for me. Hogback is great once you get to the top. Other then fpo
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