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FE Can I be a groupie for you? Cause you're the only e-celeb I care about LOL
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Originally Posted by FreeEnterprise View Post
What is a paintball "eceleb"?

Does this encompass anyone with a youtube channel, or just certain ones with large followings?

What do you consider a large following on youtube, is it by subscribers or views?

I'm just trying to figure out if I am a eceleb or not... As clearly this is a bad thing in your mind.
Why does it matter what status you are? Some people like your videos, some people don't, others are probably asking "this guy makes videos". It's not about you no matter how much you want to lump yourself onto one side of a silly internet fight. People can have the opinion that they don't like you completely separate of if you have or don't have a youtube channel.

There are e-celebs that are good and there are some that are bad. This article was about one of the bad ones. If you want to defend him based off knowing nothing about him nor the actions that lead to the criticisms levied against him simply because you think you are part of some exclusive fraternity of youtube e-celebs that's fine. Don't cry about drama or whatever when you interject yourself into things and instigate the very things you say you have an issue with.
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hahaha! Woot, I have a groupie!!!

Yeah, I'd be shocked if anyone thought I was an "eceleb" since I do my best to NOT show my own face in my stuff... My goal in my videos is to make other people feel like THEY are the ones playing in my footage, so they get excited and go try the sport themselves.
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Originally Posted by Harbinger[TG] View Post
125/case, damn man, how long ago was that? I don't recall ever paying much more than 75/80, but it was usually 60ish.

In 1992, paint was around $100 for a 1200 round case in Texas. $125 for 2000 was a few years later. It was going in the right direction at least. Given inflation, I have to admit I like the price lately.

The biggest drama I've seen is from nationally sponsored teams. Basically semi-pro with full travel, paint and equipment expenses paid. Of course they were very good players to the point where you would bait and shoot them before others, but there was usually a few type A's on the team that could suck a lot of the fun out of the game. The behavior is basically self destructive, so I would often pull up a log and just keep an eye on the rant.

The trouble is that it is often the type A that becomes captain of a team, and it may take a season or two for the rest of the team to redistribute.

"We need to talk to your captain. We had a problem with one of your players."

"He's on the field. What did the guy look like or what was he carrying?"

[A description of the captain follows.]

"Uh, yeah. We'll go get him."
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Originally Posted by Harbinger[TG] View Post
You want to command a game, study up, learn it, earn it. If you can't do that, stay the hell home.
Serious question--where to study up?

These are about all I could find after a quick Google search:

Tactics and Pointers - Minnesota Scenario Paintball Forums

Paintball Scenario Game Operations
And the next few episodes after.

Scenario Paintball: Tips, Tools, and Tactics from the Trenches: Don Grubish: 9780977117901: Books

Scenario Paintball - What is Scenario Paintball

The book is about the only one that seems to go in-depth with tactics to me. What other resources would you recommend?

Other questions, if you have time.

1. What's the difference between a "big game" and a scenario?

2. Who still runs true scenarios?

3. Which teams do you feel know how to play a real scenario?

Full disclosure: I'm mostly a rec baller who's trying to learn more of the "finer" aspects of paintball. I recently have been studying airball as, quite frankly, it's something that was completely foreign to me. I learned more by going to matches, watching teams play/practice, shooting the poop with the players, and watching paintballaccess broadcasts this past year. I'm, basically, looking for a scenario equivalent.
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