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The good old days at the field

Just thought I'd take a second to reminisce about what I think of as the good old days. I was younger at this time, just gotten my brand new Spyder Compact 2000 when it came out, and things were just different.
So you'd pull up to Wacky Warriors Paintball in 1998 (a field owned and operated by the fellas at PMS/NitroDuck). The parking lot is completely packed full of cars and it took a pretty good walk to get to the staging pavilions. Everyone staged here, not in their cars like they do now. Walking up, the environment is like a huge party - usually around 100 players for open play. It's loud and boisterous, people yelling, bragging, and laughing. Taking a walk around you see some of the most impressive custom markers you've ever seen. Mostly cockers (this is the field of Mark Davis (Mark II cocker), afterall), lots of shiny splashed mags, some Spyders that people spent WAY too much money on. Everyone wants you to try out their gun, I think some people spent their entire day at the chrono letting people shoot their newly arrived BBT or PMS cocker or shooting other people's mags. Lots of Mag vs. Cocker vs. Spyder smack talk. Nothing but Dye barrels... and many discussions on which of the 3 shot better (Stainless, Aluminum, or Boomstick). The team of 7 blue Angel shooters, sitting off to the side by themselves, wearing matching blue jerseys, masks, guns, Revvys, pod packs, and pants. During the winter there was always a huge bonfire that was ringed with people and their freshly filled co2 tanks that they were desperately trying to keep above freezing temp.
The games themselves were on MASSIVE woodsball fields with pillboxes on the tops of ridges and hills. Mostly sandbag and pallet bunkers. There were the obvious chokepoints for the people that wanted to take advantage of their 8+1 pod packs and 100ci air tanks, but if you preferred you could stalk around the edges of the field for 15 minutes without seeing another player.
One day, the Automag RT had just been released - with a ton of hype around it - and the field got one of the first ones. Someone left to go pick up the unopened package from the office and bring it back. There were no games for the next hour as every single person was gathered around as it was unboxed, gassed up and fired, then brought over to the chrono for people to shoot.

When I daydream about the good old days, that's the mental picture I have in my head. What about you?
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For me the good old days were in the mid to late 80's at the Great Canadian Game when every player on the field had the same rental gun and paint was too expensive for spray-and-pray. Running through forest trails with adrenaline pumping (running was a viable tactic before bulk fed semi auto). Those were great times. I can only re-live them playing outlaw now albeit with fewer players
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Early 2000s. There were two groups of friends I played with, usually outback play on the farm on a Saturday or after church on Sunday at the quarry behind my buddy's house. Quarry days were never planned--we'd just be talking after church and decide, hey, let's go get lunch and the gear and meet up back at Mark's place! So much varied terrain with just the right level of vegetation--swampy areas and flat lowland to hills, and a particularly favorite bit of mine where a pond on one side and property fence on the other made this nice, long, skinny run of land where a small group could go head to head, no flanking. That was when nobody had a chrono and we'd just adjust velocity until it 'looked about right.' War stories between games and no arm bands because you knew everyone anyway. Spyders and Tippmanns, maybe a BE or Zap or Viewloader-branded blowback. Jokes about creative ways to "crucify" cheaters, although of course we never had any. Taking the girl who is now my wife out to play (just a friend at the time), and of course sucking the whole time that day. Going to play Castle games at EMR and especially MXS scenarios and just being in HEAVEN because that scale of paintball was unheard of to me. Being thankful that I didn't need to worry with batteries, running my 98 RT just fine off of gravity. Thinking that Autocockers were way too freaking complicated (they kinda are; I was a Mag guy long before I could afford either ). The pre-Ion days when Angels were these gods of paintball that you only heard of and never saw because nobody could afford them... using the phrase "mouse-click trigger" because an electronic gun was truly a rare thing... I could probably go on...

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When rental guns were pump 007's. The walk from the staging area to the field was lined with gold bricks(I mean rusted 12grams). No bathrooms (hey you got a tree dontcha). Bring your own food (no concession stand). I only remember occasionally using a chronograph. Walking the field checking for glass, nails & rusty sharp objects. Uvex goggles and newspaper thin plastic faceshields. I remember some doofus without a facemask catching a round in the teeth. Paint was $100/case & a case=1000 not 2000 rounds.
Wouldn't trade the memories for the world. Its a nice place to visit but I wouldn't want to live there.
Maybe FreeEnterprise will invite me to one of his outlaw games and I can have a few flashbacks.
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My earliest memories were renting a splatmaster around 1986 or so. It was right when the SMG first came out, and it caused such menacing fear on the field.

Just the very sound of the SMG would have me jumping into a ditch paralyzed! Sometimes I would sit there until the end of the game, too afraid to show anything.

Eventually I learned the Splat had some advantages over the SMG. It was best to engage them out of their shorter range. But when faced with a ambush-type situation, they usually have 2 good burps then have to reload, which is plenty of time to charge them.

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Plastic face sheilds... Luxury! We used to rock shop goggles, oh the pain and the glory.
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Back in...2002 I think? I was 10, played for the first time at Mainstream Paintball which was like 10 minutes from my house. All indoor, all d-bag. Blindfiring galore, refs were crap, and the field eventually shut down because someone got shot in the eye while in the lobby, not even on the field. It used to always smell awful.

That being said, even on a ****ty field I still got hooked almost immediately...the first time I got shot up sooooo bad but had an absolute blast. I went back a second time and was too scared to even leave the base a couple games, not quite as much fun as the first time. I still remember an older couple who were both shooting Angels and how they weren't even that good.

Then I went on a two year hiatus while figuring out how to pay for a gun, and my freshman year of high school I finally started playing again, sophomore year got my first gun, and the rest is, well...gun whoring like there's no tomorrow!
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Ah, the good ol' days. Where the chrono was "if I turn up my Stingray II all the way, I can shoot further and I'm sure it's fine........what do you mean it hurts, you Nancy!" Where dish soap on my Brass Eagle goggles was the best antifogging option. If I could see 10 feet in front of me it seemed like HD. Where having my only teammate in a recball game against 3 people abandon me by running into a cornfield saying "Frak that shizzle!," leaving me to get pelted multiple times in a 3 on 1 in the middle of the night at who knows how much over 400fps. My fear gripping me, I ran away only to run into an Australian electric fence that my friend's Father had installed on his dairy farm because "he wanted to make sure they didn't get out.....or fraking leave a memory if they did." The shock of that electric burn causing me to stumble and fall on an old T-bar fence post broken off at the base, quite unstrategically piercing my scrotum. Blood soaking through my jeans, there was no way I could believably tell my friend's girlfriend that "yeah, you should try's really fun!" as she stared at us in disbelief and more than slight worry.

Sometimes nostalgia wears rose coloured glasses.
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The good old days for me circa 2000:

The first "high-end" gun I saw in person was a smart parts impulse. I remember going to the field with my bob long millenium and seeing these older guys with the coolest stuff I could imagine... intimidators, impulses, mags with hyperframes. I was always a little scared of those guys, because even though they were friendly and I knew they were good people, they were obviously much better than me with better equipment.

Today, I look in my gearbag full of electropneumatic fury and I think to myself, "Wow, now I am one of those guys."
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Maggot [OP] - you did a fantastic job describing what play around the turn of the millennium was like.

I was going to give my account, and then I realized you covered most of the bases!

I even remember when we saw the first Mag RT at our field, same deal!

Nicely written.
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