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I agree on the shoebox shocker. I was getting a hopper and maybe one 140 rd pod off a 68/3000 tank (full fill), with a freak barrel underbored so I didnt get roll outs.

The original ICD Freestyle (non-HE bolt) was a gas guzzler too. If I remember it was like 600 rounds on a 68/4500, but that is half the weight of the shoebox.
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Originally Posted by Menace View Post
HP noted the numbers for the PMI-III, and having had one of those as well as VMs, I noted no particular difference in efficiency (In the old days I ran all mine with no EXC).
I owned a bunch throughout the years, and the stock ones all seemed about the same. I think the poor effeciency is just a problem with the design, and not the weight of the hammer because I replaced mine with a very light aluminium hammer, and the effeciency was actually worse.

Yet add something like the BlackRain and effeciency jumped dramatically. I'm not sure why there was such a big difference compared to other guns. Mechanically its similar to the Illustrator for example, but the illustrator does not benefit as much from an expansion chamber.

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Originally Posted by Ugler View Post
This is a response to the most efficient gun thread lol
RAP4 T68 special edition defe a nono...Almost all RAP4 markers are horribly inefficient

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Originally Posted by AJpaintball4life View Post
RAP4 T68 special edition defe a nono...Almost all RAP4 markers are horribly inefficient
But is that because of design or because they leak everywhere?
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Shoeboxes aren't that bad, I easily get a bag out of a 68ci/3000psi. Probably more if you tune it right.

I have two pistols that are inefficient, a Pt xtreme and a Splatmaster Rapide.
Both on co2 cartridge I get under 10 good shots, Rapide's seems dangerous on the first two.
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Mags follow the 10 shots per ci at 3Kpsi, and 15 shots per ci at 4.5Kpsi. simple as that. you can do a little more to get that up, like actually regging down the input air. can get 1200+ shots off a 68/4500 with my classic mag with the L10. don't ask me what i did, but those are the numbers i get.
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I agree with Mags not being that bad. The problem is the required input pressure for them to operate, so they can't dip as far into the bottle. With a slight underbore I've shot a hopper and 5 pods and walked off the field with air in the tank, probably enough for another pod. That is with an Xvalve with level 10 running a Ninja SHP reg. With a classic valve and level 7 you can easily get better numbers.

The early Dye Matrixs were pretty bad. I had a DM5 that struggled to get a hopper and 4 pods. It would usually stop about halfway through the 3rd pod.

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My rt classic with 1200 at the valve and the stock bolt gets 120 off a 68/45 after that it burps them out. Also my vecter and novas are my goto guns if I do outlaw with no refill tanks I can fire both with less then 200psi in a tank. But that's just me I know most dont have that kind of luck.
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Originally Posted by Menace View Post
I'm surprised by your claim of the 68 special, but admit to having no real experience with them. Tippies have obviously never been legendary for efficiency, but are by no means the worst offenders. Certainly the Pro-Ams and up were 'reasonably' efficient, light years beyond the VM.
Yeah, but the SMGs/Specials sip liquid. I don't know numbers yet as I haven't filled the siphon tank yet, and probably need to just get it hydro tested so I don't have to have the 2x2 argument all the time.

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