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Brought out my shocker

Brought out the trusty ol' Russian legion nxt this last Saturday at my local field. No one knew what it was. No. One.

This actually surprised me. For Guys that were smack talking each other about what markers they can get, and what happens when they break theirs down. They don't fix anything themselves....oh man.

So one was wise enough to ask me what it was and I told him. He appreciated that, we talked about tuning markers and such and what I had done to the nxt to get my efficiency up a bit. Which isn't much since the body milling limits use of many of the firing can upgrades available. But I'm still happy with it.

The Russian nxt is one of the more reliable/picky marker I own. It's finicky but I treat her nice and she shoots. That's all I ask.

Also, I miss when private label stuff was unique and teams had specific milling, designs, boards, and options. I'm not even that old...

Nuff said
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How much do you want for it? Had to ask lol
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....bro, you just gave me a quarter chub.
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The RL shocker is one of my all-time favorite guns. Teammate just had one come through the store I wanted really badly, all original, even the board and grips! It's probably one of the best examples of a PL gun in modern guns.
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Originally Posted by Jebus View Post
How much do you want for it? Had to ask lol
Really dude? Hrrmmm mmhrrmm grumble grumble $750, maybe lol.

It's a monument to my stupidity really. I won't ditch it because I was so pissed when I got rid of my ton ton shocker I bought it on a reflex. One of the first 100 NXTs out of the factory and I traded it in like a dork. My nxt ton ton was number 80. Doesn't mean much but it was a beautiful satin blue.... I miss it. I want it back. Everything on it was satin blue, even the freak back it matched beautifully.
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You should of told them it was a luxe
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It "feels" nice when you touch it
Originally Posted by Loguzzzzzz View Post
Every hole costs money
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Shocker picture thread, DO!

I demand it.... Plus, I'll post my baby once I put it back together. Mmmm-mmm-mmm fresh ano.
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I have an Octane NXT that I've been loving reciently. Great shooter. Have a champagne SFT that I'll break out with a Winchester for rec play as well.
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The questions I get asked when I play with any of my Vikings are enough to drive me up a wall.

Is that an Angel?

Is that a Matrix?

Is that a brick?


wts bko for cheap
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