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I'll agree with all black if you stay mobile, but if you are using first strikes and not really moving a lot mossy oak and realtree are really nice.
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Best camo is grabbing whatever shrubbery you have around you and adapting it into your camo.

That said, speedball forever and ever
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If you really want to know, I wrote down my thoughts on the topic here...

But, personally, I use Tiger-stripe.


Just as important as camo is your movement on the field. They work hand in hand... if one is great & stealthy and the other is obvious, your screwed regardless.
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Originally Posted by JLuke View Post
Lol not that gettho.

So basically the fields you play on are compleely clean, not one speck of trash on the ground, ever bunker in perfect like new condition?
Most of the fields around Vegas are very small. Anyone with any experience will know to look every where.
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I was thinkin of fields back in Illinois not being trashy

Vegas fields are trash fields. Pipes and random junk
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I thought of a dream field once where all the bunkers were made out of mannequins decked out in paintball attire and masks. Make the cover look like like the players. I figure it would be on the expensive side and would make the players a little too jumpy, trigger happy, and likely to overshoot each other... or the mannequins.
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timberghost/ultimate camo or anything representing tree bark is hands down the best camo for the woods
tree bark does not change color in any season.
Thinking about getting a my dip kit in ultimate camo or having techt hydrop dip in pine bark
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Around here, if you aren't in camo, you are sticking out like a billboard...

I always snicker when I see my opponents show up in bright colored clothes. And no matter their skill level, their positions are given away because of their outfits/brightly colored markers.

I just think about what I see in the woods, clearly movement is a dead giveaway, but the other things your eye is drawn too, is contrast, and nothing contrasts more than a bright color among other dull colors. In the woods, one of the worst things you can wear is blue jeans, especially lighter colored ones... Your legs are moving, and in light colored jeans, they just stick out.

I have sat still and had players step on me before. I have also sat in the middle of a trail and let players walk up to me. Just to see how close they would get before they saw me. I had a guy get 5 feet from me before he realized he was staring at the end of my barrel!

I was at a scenario this summer and I was laying next to a downed tree, when a player actually stepped on me. I said "Ow" and he looked down at the barrel of my gun. Needless to say he surrendered, without me even saying anything! (I would have shot before he got that close, but I couldn't see his arm band...)

We play in the woods around here, so Realtree is by far my choice, (some mossy oak patterns are similar) because it blends in really well in our area.

Here is a game, where a guy in tourney gear, and another in camo decided to go around the side, and try to sneak up on us... Except I was already there, in the MIDDLE of the trail.

I let them get 15 feet from me before I opened fire (I could have let them get closer, but our field has a 15 foot rule, and I wanted to shoot them not surrender them...).

Neither one of them knew I was there until I started firing. And even then, we were so close they BOTH ran away as they weren't sure where the paint was coming from!

link for mobile
Is Camo Effective in Paintball? Woodsball tactics by Trails of Doom, Flanking ZoomCam - YouTube
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Honestly, its how you play more than what you wear. Back when all my friends were still randomly playing in random 'friendly' woods, all me and my brother used was a nice SHINEY chrome finished spyder clone, some button-up shirts from GoodWill, and jeans.

I love showing up as a 'sleeper' in jeans/teeshirt. Just look at how well some of the Carters-commando's do...and the key is, they are also having A LOT of fun while doing it.

People at nearly every occasion were calling us "ninjas" because every other game one or both of us would just absolutely bushwack some or most of the other team.

We still rock those same shirts, i trade out between olive or a large patterned realtree, and we still are able to easily maneuver without being detected, just have to know how to do it.

I actually get all excited when i see ppl show up in straight up realtree/woodland (and even some of the other 'popular' ones) because it usually means they will be relying on their camo to do the work for them, which means....they have not yet mastered the art of 'how not to be seen'.

Keep in mind also, from a distance, what does your camo pattern look like? Most sets lose most of their advantage because they just turn into a single color. Also bear in mind, real tree doesn't work so well when you are moving, or really doing anything other than laying on the ground...imho (which is why i only use it for my pants, some of the time, as my legs are the part of me that is connected to the ground most often)

Also, FE, that vid is just an example of someone coming from a bright sunny clearing not being able to see through several bushes INTO the dark not-sunny woods. You could have been wearing next to anything and the laws of physics/light would have prevented him from seeing you. Its more of an example of knowing where and how to no-be-seen than of camo being effective.

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