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I Want to buy a gun...

but I'm weary about sending someone money on this forum. How reliable is it and what precautions are there? Is there a way to paypal someone money and keep it in reserve until the gun is shipped to me?
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I've done hundreds of deals online and very, very rarely does one go south. Do your research and make sure the person has good feedback, and the price isn't too good to be true.

One thing to remember with paypal though is that you never want to send a payment as a gift. Some people will ask for that because it avoids the fees, but then your out of luck if you need to get a refund through paypal.
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Always ask for feedback, and when in doubt, consider paying a few extra bucks to use a reputable third party (seller ships gun to them, they inspect, give you the go-ahead, you pay the seller, third party ships the gun to you).
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Every purchase I've made on this forum has been with money order. I've never once had a reservation about sending it out, and have gotten exactly what I payed for every time. Pay attention to how long the person has been around, and check their feedback thread.
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Things I would like to purchase with American dollars:
1: Dragon barrel plugs!
2: Skanline VTS for a VM68

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You are in NJ. There are a number of members in your area. If sending money is a concern then try a local pickup with one of our local members.
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Look for green names, USUALLY safe

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Read up on the forums rules for B/S/T. The majority of the sellers here are pretty helpful. I'm sure they'll answer any of your questions prior to completing any transaction.

Keep message logs from seller, write down exact transaction details on paypal payment form and you should be fine.

Feedback threads are very informative. Just use your best judgement.
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On a related topic, what do you guys recommend sellers do when they don't yet have feedback? I'm considering posting some gear up and I want others to know that I'm on the up & up. Unless those of you who know me personally want to buy my crap.
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Notice that after answers to your question from others you will see in blue below a feedback link..

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