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It's all good
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Show us your paintball mancave!

I could've sworn I saw a thread about this ages ago, but can't find it.

Anyway, this is my humble mancave. Its located in the furnace room and is pretty narrow. Still. It's off limits to the wife and kids, so I can easily go hide in there and tinker with my stuff.

Starting with the left wall, most of my paintball gear. Scuba tanks with fill yokes, various Camelbaks, HPA tanks, shoes, marker wall.

Moving on to the counter, Stanley toolbox split in two. Holds most of my "on the road" workshop with all of the necessary tools and spare parts to fix makers at the field. Nothing worse than having gun issues when you're not home. Cupboards hold mostly extra gear, incomplete markers, unfinished projects.

Right side of the counter - tools, Eclipse mat, wall-mounted PC. The pink bacon-flavored beer bottle was signed by Mike Phillips, Sean Scott and Kerry "Viper" Rosenberry from Canadian Carnage II.

Lastly - Right wall holds pants, jerseys, vests and paintball-related T-shirts. Top cupboard has masks, barrel kits, 2 pod packs and Milsig mags
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Slowly making progress
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You win.

Mine is really messy right now, mostly because I have a torn apart pinball machine taking up a lot of the space.
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I really like the picture posts, because I don't understand most of the word posts.
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Sweet setup right there! Wish I had a mancave. My guns are pretty much just hanging up around my bedroom. The rest of my stuff is crammed into gearbags.
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..........did my wife put you up to this so she could find out how much stuff I have?

Seriously organized cave you have there.
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That is the most OCD workbench I have ever seen. With that said, I'm totally jealous of how organized it is.
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It's all good
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And believe me, it's always like that. I'm pretty OCD about my stuff, so I take that as a compliment!
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Not sure how to embed these

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Vise-grips and claw hammers. I love it!

The only semi-presentable, not-piled-with-tons-of-clutter photo I have:

It's an old pic- the drill press has been moved and the materials racks restructured since it was taken. I'm doing a major reshuffling this summer to fit more machines in there too, so hopefully I'll have some better shots then.

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I should take some new pics but I really need to clean up first the clutter is starting to get really deep. Maybe with my day off from work 1 tomorrow maybe I should spend the day cleaning rather than making chips.
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my whole flat is a paintball mancave, basically. it would take too many photos to show all the angles and places full of markers
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