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Airsoft and paintball at the same feild

My local field is now having airsoft games at the same time as paintball games. I don't know much about airsoft, nor do I care.

This has lead to some problems. I found myself chonoing next to a guy in shop goggles. When I pointed out this massive safety hazard I was told it was adequate protection for airsoft. I tried to make the point that he was standing next to guys with paintball guns and his eye protection is totally inadequate. It fell on deaf ears. I am trying to contact the field manager and the owner. I fear they have dollar signs in their eyes and do not recognize the injury that is waiting to happen.

I would really like to keep my local field out of the papers. A picture of a guy bleeding with his eyeball hanging out can't be good for business.

Does anyone have experience with paintball and airsoft co-existing together. I want to hand the owner a solution so he doesn't have to be creative.
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The field I frequent does airsoft and paintball on the same days. However, they're never done "together." Airsoft has it's own staging area and chrono station, while paintball has their own. Although airsoft is able to use paintball fields, paintballers don't get the opportunity to use the airsoft specific ones (but it's okay, those fields aren't as good).

Btw, my local field is Velocity paintball in Ramona, CA.
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The bing shop in Saint Louis used to do this. I am trying to think of how they handled this, but I am afraid they did it in a very similar manner(though that was 5 years ago)

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SC Village does both but airsoft has its own separate 'field' that only they are allowed on and thus stage and chrono there. The field is quite famous as its supposed to replicate bin Laden's compound.
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i think you will be fine. Fed Ex was always good to me until my wifes dog bit the driver. they usually don't avoid you unless they have a reason.
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a local field around here does that Jay. With that said it switched owners some years ago after the original owner died and paintball play there was never really big after he died. Turned into basically a milsim field so airsoft for them seemed a logical step. The only time I play there is when it's cheap $2 entry and $4/100 for paint. I just find that for the most part airsoft and pb at least around here can't coexist and frankly that's fine. Locally it seems that the guys that gravitate towards airsoft are hard core milsim players who look down on anyone who doesn't play milsim and they were also the same group of people called out as wipers in paintball so take that as you will.

With that said much as I like the AS guns they are very realistic feel great to shoot and very accurate I just can't take it seriously like I would paintball as cheating is far too easy without some sort of mark on the player.

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My local field does both on the same days, just moves the fields around. No issues really. The airsoft players must wear astm paintball masks.
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Originally Posted by hellion360 View Post
My local field does both on the same days, just moves the fields around. No issues really. The airsoft players must wear astm paintball masks.
A field I used to help out at had the same rule when airsofters (is that a word?) wanted to use the field. ASTM approved full face and ear coverage, and they had to use barrel covers off the field. Darn thing is that some of them complained we were being "too safe". Go figure.
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i heard a local field would just do airsoft private groups only during times when there was no paintball, just to keep em separate
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If the two are directly interacting - they SHOULD be using the highest standard of minimum safety. Thus - since Paintball has the higher standard - then it should set the minimum safety requirement.

Having played both I can say that there are certainly different worlds and some folks have such strong feelings of adversity and animosity sometimes they resist simply because its part of "that other sport". I find that both have their good and bad aspects and to be honest - I enjoy both albeit to differing degrees. I truly love paintball more, no doubt about it. But I enjoy Airsoft when I play with quality people. More so in airsoft then required for paintball because the hit factor is much more difficult to distinguish. You could have the most honest and fairminded player in the world who just didn't notice a hit - nothing unsportsmanlike on his part but it happens. In paintball the heavier hit and visible paint mark helps - but even in paintball hits go in weird places (had one once right down the barrel until I squeegee'd it out I never knew.) and mistakes happen but its less excusable in paintball because of the greater ease to know.

look at the other side of the coin - if you played in a sport where the impact of a hit was generally negligible and you generally had to call what you thought might be good hits on general principal - how would you feel if someone said you had to have full ATSM standard paintball mask just to chrony and tune? You might not understand.

keeping them separate is best in my opinion too - but if you mix em - at least make the HIGHEST standard the minimum one for safety sake.
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Local field is Insane Paintball/Airsoft in Chattanooga.

This indoor/outdoor paintball field had been open about 7 years before they started dabbling in the airsoft business. At first it was just a couple guns in the store. Then they started to run airsoft games on certain evenings. For these events, much more of the facility was used; the nets of the paintball fields were taken down or raised and the walkways between the paintball fields and even some of the staging areas were "in play". Now they have airsoft games at the same time as the paintball games, and all of the indoor paintball fields have been converted for use solely by the airsofters. They have their separate chrono area, but are required to use barrel condoms and full face masks, though not necessarily paintball masks.

At this point, on any given Saturday or Sunday the number of airsoft players greatly outnumber the paintballers. It seems as though the airsoft business is keeping the facility afloat, and were it not for the airsofters there might not be any paintball at all.


Same area (combined with what used to be a second similarly-sized indoor paintball field), now:
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