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I used to use a 5 inch unported barrel on my 98 when I first started. That one was loud as hell and I didn't seem to have an issue hitting anyone. Did run out of air lots. Now I have a freak tip cut to about 1.5" I use sometimes. It seems to shoot people just fine.
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Originally Posted by freedummy View Post
Related, I want to hear about REALLY short barrels! For instance, has anyone tried shooting through an iFit/Python sizer without a barrel? Is it even possible to achieve usable velocity by underboring at that length? The closest test cases I've heard are all from the Goblin launchers, but I think their finicky valve system is skewing any info I find.
I rememer when those hamerhead barrel kits came out. They argued the ball only needs about 1.5 inches to reach velocity when the diameter is matched correctly. Then again, they also claim rifling helps a lot, and I'm not convinced on that part, so maybe they're just full of BS.

Short answer is I've never heard of anyone using a stand alone super short sizer like the python ones, so I don't know.
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Wasn't there a thing that people did where they used a Freak front that was just the threads, basically, the the whole barrel was the back/insert, and nothing else? Or am I imaging that I read about it somewhere?

I've always like barrels on the short side. When I used a stock class phantom pistol, it had the 6" CCI barrel, worked great, shot really well. PGPs are maybe 7", right? One of my favorites right now is an 8" DW Fibur, which is longer than we're talking about, but shoots just as well as the 10" or 12", in my experience.
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I have 6 and 11 inch freak bored barrels for my phantom, both shoot more or less the same but I am more accurate with the longer barrel for sure
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I use 8 and 10" barrels (JJ Edge) on my Cockers. The operating pressures are pretty low, so they're not much louder than a longer barrel.
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I made a DIY sawn of barrel for a old inferno mk2 it's a Spyder type rental marker that ran on co2, I never noticed any accuracy difference between that 3.5 inch sawn of and a 12 inch DYE stainless steel barrel I guess part of it might be that I never aim down the marker I am very good at knowing where the barrel is pointed even when firing from the hip, several times at the shooting range at the site I mainly go to I have managed to hit 12 of the targets in the head in a row firing whilst just aiming on instinct changing target each time one shot each time, most times I hit about a average of 7 in row before I miss so yeah I just don't bother unless I'm using first strikes or maybe a APEX 2 then aiming down the barrel or using a scope isn't really necessary for close medium or long range.
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Originally Posted by maggot View Post
Loud? A little, depends on if it's ported at all.
Accurate? About the same, slightly less. I think that people claiming short barrels are "inaccurate" just don't point well with them.
Fun and cool factor? Through the roof.
You will lose a bit of air efficiency.
I've been known to use a 2" barrel with a loudener on it and the above statements are spot on.
Originally Posted by MaD View Post
Since this thread started with boobs what are we supposed to derail it with?
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Approximately a million years ago, a common mod I did was to take the front half of one of the original LED Angel Jacko Infinity barrels, and press it into the back half (the stainless part) of a DYE BoomStick.

That, of course, made a JackaBoom.

During one of these mods, the customer had sent in a 12" (or possibly 10") BoomStick, so just for giggles, after making the JackaBoom, I put the other two pieces together to make a custom, ultrashort 2-piece barrel:

It had maybe just a bit less than 3" of actual bore, and was probably about 5" long overall. I eventually gave it to a local player, who reported that it shot surprisingly well. As I recall he eventually turned around and sold it to somebody else for, like, $90.

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I've also been looking around for a short barrel that would be appropriate to put on one of Dukie's DRVs. I have one from a Proto that will get the job done but would rather have something that looks a bit more simple.
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I have an 8" Lapco barrel I have been using on my Micromag. I have noticed it doesn't shoot quite as well as the 11" Lapco I used on the Micromag previously. It still does pretty well, however.
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