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How Paintballs Are Made at G.I. Sportz

Hey guys. Im not 100% sure this is the right section to post this, however; I just had a friend share this video on my FB feed, and I thought some of you might enjoy checking it out aswell.

How Paintballs Are Made at G.I. Sportz" width="644" height="390">" />">
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Thanks. More interesting than the How Stuff Works video. And way more interesting than the work I'm supposed to be doing.
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Interesting. I know that by the time they make it to my local field, which is FPO, and I buy them to use, their basically footballs.
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I still find it interesting how little this process has actually changed in the 40+ years they've been made. Same basic ideas and techniques, just new equipment to make it more consistent.
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Very fun to see stuff get made. Even better when it's something I'm familiar with.

Can you imagine the suck of having a break in those giant tubs right before they get bagged?
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Originally Posted by Mar View Post
I really like the picture posts, because I don't understand most of the word posts.
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Cool video!

Now if only GI could make good paintballs..
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This makes it sound like complete incompetence that the last, well, all but one bag, of DXS paint i've ever gotten has been terribad. I avoid the stuff like the plague.
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Originally Posted by The Inflicted View Post
Cool video!

Now if only GI could make good paintballs..
My field has GI paint. I've never had a horrible experience. however, the 3 star that we get is often too fresh, and need to cure for a few weeks before it will break on anything.
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They showed the paint from paintball central on there. The orange ones on the trays that had PBC on it. Yah the paint sucks. It bores at .683. All the paint bounces even at pointblank; my head can verify!
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Good video :-) A nice overview of an updated process. Given the tech, it seems odd people don't seem to rate the GI stuff as any good.

There is something else to consider here. The gent I used to umpire for in the UK for many years used to get his paint, and immediately move it to a climate controlled room. He would then take the days paint and and keep it as well protected from temp changes as possible (using blankets and thermal bags.) Any unused sealed paint was then returned to the climate controlled room after the day through.

Going to other sites, they keep their paint on site, in all weather conditions unprotected from the cold and heat and temp variations throughout the day. The worst offenders kept it in big metal containers. So even if the paint arrived in a good state, it is quite likely by the time you get it that it would be ruined.

I would say though that having seen a lot of paint (normally from the same few manufacturers), that consistency and general quality have gone down massively. This is beyond just the odd bad batch, it's just shockingly awful paint being sold as decent grade. Partials fills, dimples, not round, lots of oil in the bags. For whatever reason pride in the product has simply vanished.

Some of the newer players in the field of paintballs seemed to be doing better than those that had been doing it for years.
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