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I need a new gun - Help me pick one out for next year!

Maybe we can make it into a contest... but honestly I'm just looking for a new gun to shoot next year.

I love my current shooter (Fully modded Axe - Redline and low pro feedneck - carbon fiber barrel with carbon fiber apex tip). And I love the gun. I've just had it for a while and it's time for something new.

I'm not too particular on which one but I need to lay down some ground rules...

1. Must have and electronic trigger

Since I play pump most of the time I'm in the mood for a new electro to use.

2. Simplicity wins over complexity - The less moving parts the better

3. Preferably made in the last 10 years to something new

4. Color - I prefer black

5. Style - If it looks stupid it's out of the running. Sadly only I can be the judge of that.

It can be anything from a fully tricked out upgraded ion to the latest JT impulse back to an old viking.

I need ideas folks! Let me know if you have the best setup ever out there and if I need to be running it too!
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I recommend a 2007 Cyborg. One of my favorite electros, and they aren't as common as the typical DM/Ego/Timmy spaceguns.
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How does the Viking not win this category hands down? :P

But seriously, Viking with all of the milling done (and a UL frame if it's your cup of tea) is almost as light as any other El-pneu out there, matches them all performance-wise, is NOT something you see every day and with the milling options out there practically no 2 are the same, AND to top it off they were AMAZINGLY well built and not just for their time.

Vote= +1 Viking

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Could try an alien out. I shot a 2010 (or was it 2011?) independence and it was very nice
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Originally Posted by Painthappy View Post
2. Simplicity wins over complexity - The less moving parts the better

3. Preferably made in the last 10 years to something new
Stacked tube poppet of some sort. Whatever flavour you prefer--Ego, Intimidator, JT Impulse, Cyborg, etc.

Though, I say buy a reliable "low end." Embrace paintball when it was about having fun rather than what you brought. Have a "miser gun whore" year where you spend more on paint, events, and hanging out with buds (aka beer) while playing paintball rather than gear. "Low ends" shoot something no high end ever can--humiliation. Being eliminated by "that piece of junk" will give you more stories at the campfire than any other gun. And the beer will make sharing the story that much better
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Found it!
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Got a price range? Looking for simplicity means you're most likely looking poppet rather than spoolie. If you wat to go new (ish) it really comes down to which company's style do you like more? Could go G6R, or Ego (/etek), JT Impulse is a steal of a deal now, etc. Or browse BST's all over until something grabs your attention
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i like my insight NG stupid simple.
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E-Blazer (if you can find one). Sweet shooter and you'll never see another at the field.
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A Merlin build?

For simple and light, I like the stacked tube poppets also. My favorite electro is the old lasoya PM that I beat into submission. The on/off switch means I can leave a battery in there for months and still bring it out to play. The weight is nothing.

I guess the Vice and G6R are the newer poppets of the right size.
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War machine if you can find one. Looks are so ugly they are beautiful
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