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PSP Pro Teams are collapsing?

Start with two observations:
1. This is MCB! Boooyah!
2. The most vocal posters call for a new type of competitive paintball or the end of competitive paintball!

Now that we have acknowledged those points, they don't have to be repeated.
Why are PSP Pro Teams collapsing? As observed on the nation, "Thats 5 pro teams so far, 6 if you include Texas Storm. Its CEP, VcK, VICIOUS, Art Chaos, XSV, and Texas Storm. Thats roughly 50 or so players that have nowhere to go."
Did a certain sponsor yank the money from most of these teams? Is sponsorship drying up? Are the divisional ranks collapsing too? Is there any solution to this?

As a casual fan, I am just wondering.
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I'm not sure its really a big deal. Teams come and go all the time. The average 'lifespan' of a paintball player is short. Probably 3-4 years.

And as for people on 'Nation" complaining....those people complain about most things and don't actually play in the PSP
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Out with the old, in with the new. It's the nature of the beast. Teams don't actually make money by playing and there comes a point inf your life when your career and family is more important than a game.
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Originally Posted by martix_agent View Post
Out with the old, in with the new. It's the nature of the beast. Teams don't actually make money by playing and there comes a point inf your life when your career and family is more important than a game.
Yes. But I can't see this much churn being normal. If I am not mistaken, that is over a third of the league. Given the collapse of the NPPL, you have to start wondering if the PSP can weather the storm. They should make it this year, but if they have another year like this... ouch.
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Vicious-the team just outgrew themselves and didn't want to continue
XSV- Haven't been great since they lost their original super-star lineup. They'll probably be back after a few years in divisional.
Art Chaos- Really didn't have the year everyone thought they would, and they lost all the Russians again didn't they? Plus they lost their English player as well.

Most of those other teams are newer and haven't been consistent podium teams. Only so much money you can throw at something before you get tired of it.
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Most of the teams die off due to funding, even if they don't say so or give different reasons.

KEE got tired of dumping money into the embarrassment that was XSV.

Vicious is paid for by the Bortols, because their son was on the team. They've made some enemies over the years with their attitude. Their son was the worst player on the team and a very head in the clouds individual.

Art Chaos owner disbanded after their roller coaster year because of the expenses and deciding to leave on a high note.

I don't know much about CEP, but their record wasn't the greatest. Most teams that call it quits do so after limited success or major changes occurring. I would be some critical funds left CEP, but I don't know.

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I have no idea about sponsorship but what i believe is without the nppl certain teams cant compete at the pro level. Teams like xsv, texas storm, and cep could have probably competed fine in the pro league in nppl. The competition is too tough in psp. I think the deal with art chaos was the team owner didn't feel like putting up money for a paintball team anymore. But with the other teams i would assume constantly loosing would burn them out. Pro paintball is such a massive commitment if you're constantly losing i think people would rather play divisionally and put more effort into their actual lives, work, school, family etc.
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All the large companies have clawed back on sponsorship dollars. Where at one time paintball was an expanding industry and companies were trying to keep or get a larger share of a growing pie by promoting themselves (through professinal teams in this case), now the industry is declining, so there is less money available for promotion. This has been forecast for several years now, so really shouldn't come to anyone's surprise if they've been following industry trends.
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it coming down to all might dollar. if teams are not doing good and company's not make good money they will walk away. its like any sport sponsor will only stay if team are doing good. look at F1 for example if teams are not in top 6 they will have hard time find sponsor to put ads on car. since cost to put ads on there cars are high dollars. same for nascar and indy car. people only want to sponsor the best and not back field team.
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I think it comes down to the team sitting down at a meeting and deciding if they want to keep throwing money at something they aren't excelling in. I agree, some are at the point that they walk away for family or financial reasons.

Other players will be scattered among the ranks and we'll see them picked up by divisional and alternative pro teams.

I think the core of the PSP will remain: Heat, Dynasty, Impact, etc. Teams that have shown the ability to win, and have won recently. If you ain't winning, it's hard to justify the overhead.
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