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Mad Science of Paintball
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Revisited and (hopefully) definitive: Paintball in the Movies!

I recently rediscovered a list that I've had for many years (one entry dates back to 2000!) where I've tried to keep track of times where paintball gear was used in movies.

As I was already tinkering with updating my website, I figured I'd clean it up a but, check a few facts, and post it online. Well, the text file became HTML, I decided to add references, then some screenshots, then one or two screenshots became a dozen, then they needed captions...

And a couple weeks of more time than I could really afford, I present the (by no means 100% finished) Definitive Guide to Paintball in the Movies!

Several of you here on MCB unknowingly helped me out quite a bit, both with new entries I hadn't known about, and with marker IDs. (Like the gun inside that Entourage monstrosity- awesome sleuthwork on that one!)

And, of course, I would like to continue to expand it. I'm not necessarily looking for "paintball movies"- like a video from a PSP event, or something like that. The main idea is to list movies that use PB guns as props (whether as PB guns or as "laser blasters" or whatever) and/or movies and TV shows that aren't about paintball, but do have a paintball episode. (Like Man of the Year, or that Entourage episode, etc.)

If you know of something that's NOT already listed on that page, feel free to let me know. Or, for that matter, just have a look at the page and let me know what you think. Comments, questions and complaints all gladly accepted.

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The Definitive Guide to Paintball in the Movies!
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You left out my all time favorite "in" featured on American dad where they had a Vietnam scenario!
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If you're including TV shows, there were several paintball themed episodes of Community as well. Mostly TPXs and a TM-15, I believe.

Edit: And a more recent movie, Blue Ruin, briefly shows a kp2 in a pawnshop gun cabinet... But is otherwise irrelevant to the plot, hehe.
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Movie: John Dies at the End : John Dies at the End (2012) - IMDb
Trilogy cocker used as a flame thrower...Take my word for it...You dont need to watch the movie.
There was a Jackie Chan movie where they use a PGP to shoot a tracking device on a car... I think it was Rumble in the Bronx
Also, there is a pretty nifty picture of Jackie using an Autococker on IMDB for "First Strike."
Pictures & Photos from Jackie Chan's First Strike (1996) - IMDb Pictures & Photos from Jackie Chan's First Strike (1996) - IMDb

Also, for rampage, at the end they have a few more shots of them using paintball guns. Pretty sure he is using a tippmann or something.
Let me see if I can remember more.

Edit: Failure to Launch...Paintball guns used as real paintball guns.
Oh, "System of a Down" had a music video with a lot of people wearing paintball goggles.
This is kinda fun

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There's also the paintball scene from This Means War where all sense of safety is thrown right out the window.

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Ooo im gonna enjoy this thread. Moon (2009) with Sam Rockwell has a guy in the very end with a milsim'd a5. Good movie too.

Good idea doc

Theres also a Dr Who episode where Donna Noble's grandfather(?) tries to blind a dalek with a 98custom. Season 4 episode12 of the new series.

Also according to russc's YouTube page there is something called "space above and beyond" where they use gz1000 pistols (I don't even know what a gz1000 is)

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Troop Beverly Hills

Troop Beverly Hills circa 1989 was one one of the first movies with paintball markers used as paintball markers
also Cyborg circa 1989 used a paintball marker but not as a marker.
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In the movie, The Paper Brigade, Robert Englund uses a KP rifle as a paintball a paintball gun to shoot some bullies, completely void of safety gear. I don't have a picture of it, but I will dig around.

In an old episode of American Gladiators I saw them using what appeared to be a Nelson pump to fire a foam rocket during one of the events. I will have to track that down and see if I can find it again.

There was an old thread on here somewhere that was this exact same premise, pictures and all.
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Originally Posted by TouchofGrey View Post
Troop Beverly Hills circa 1989 was one one of the first movies with paintball markers used as paintball markers
also Cyborg circa 1989 used a paintball marker but not as a marker.
A few years before that had Zero Boys (86) and MasterBlaster (87)

Zero Boys WAS THE THING that got me into paintball. It starts with a game that looks silly today, but back 30 years ago: It was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen:

Plus "Alls Fair" in 1989. That had SMGs. And Chucky 2 or 3?

I remember LOTS of tv shows had paintball in them. Equalizer, and Sledgehammer come to mind.

The plot in "Equalizer" was someone slipped a real bullet into the PGP, so that someone got killed. lol

There was a really good definitive list on back in the 90s, but after google bought dejanews, the archive has turned to crap.

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Serenity isn't on the list?

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Who is this Chad Thompson you all are talking about?
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ooh look at that over there!!! Jeremy Salm riding a giant rainbow-coloured unicorn!!
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