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is reloading
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this thing

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on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.
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My first omg was my rt classic. Got it in 99. Or when I started playing agian a couple years ago and experience a x-valve on a shp reg
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Vm68 liquid co2, and a loudner... it made you feel zues.. making clouds and thunder.. first paintball marker that made your own cover when you fired it..
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In the early would of had to have been a e-bolted 98c. Quiet, soft shooting, and oh first encounter with auto-response. Really made my stingray out to be the wooden carriage that it was.
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Up until 2005 everybody in my group had blowbacks and were about equal.

Then I bought an Angel Speed. It shot so fast and accurate I thought that it was unfair. No ramping but an opto trigger and lots of bounce.
It shot as fast as the loader fed, which was about 16-20bps. Still one of my favourite guns, and Ive had a lot.
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