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What was your first, "OMG that's awesome" marker you shot?

Thought this would be a fun thread... What was the first gun you ever shot that made your jaw drop? Mine was a heavy *** autococker when we all still believed they were more accurate. Just couldn't get over that awesome back block. That gun single handedly started my never ending gun upgrading addiction.
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I'd say it was the same for me. There was just something so cool about all the actuating parts. I'd sometimes air up my autococker, and just actuate the trigger.
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First time I saw a Karni I literally stopped what I was doing to watch the BB fly. Kid bumped in, shot 10-15 shots and bumped again. Bliss.

First time I shot a Tippmann Factory F/A after it was all working and shooting the proper paint. Just hold the trigger and she goes forever.
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ATS-85. That thing just sounded like such a beast with all the mechanical clanking and booming report.
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hmmm probably a ccm pump of some sorts
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I never owned one, but I remember the exact moment a teammate let me shoot his, back in '87. It absolutely blew my mind.

People forget what a massive technology gap existed in the 80s. 90% of the guns were what we would call "stock class" today. No hopper, 12grams, etc. pgps, 007s, splats.

and the SMG-60. Not even semi-auto, but full auto. and with constant air, accurate and bullet proof construction. They were a terror on the fields, and I was petrified of them.

Looking back... I have a different opinion. They were primitive, with small capacity, short range, hard to load, etc. Easily beat by a "modern" pumps of the era (phantoms, snipers, bushies). Plus, they ended up getting banned everywhere. But damn, back almost 30 years ago, they blew my mind

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My buddies CCM T2. I got all 3 people in a 3v3.... I owned one 6 weeks later.
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Tipx. I put about 10 mags through my first one and after that I had enough muscle memory to hit anything I wanted anywhere I wanted. Though I have tried a few other things I have always gone back to it. That first time i shot it couldn't believe a pistol could do that still sticks in my mind.
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First time I shot a Super Stocker. Friend loaned it to me for a game, I shot what I thought was a hail mary shot, connected, and then proceeded to "Did you see that?" the rest of the game. My brother had it on film.

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